Top 7 Qwaya Alternatives You Can’t Miss!

Nadia Alam Borsha


Nadia Alam Borsha


Apr 26, 2022

Top 7 Qwaya Alternatives You Can’t Miss!

Social media has evolved into the most prominent and vital virtual space, where the platform is a powerful tool for  promoting brands and products digitally. Advertising on Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be a powerful and cost-effective way to help your company grow efficiently. Qwaya is one of the best tools for Facebook advertisement.

Qwaya is a technology startup that specializes in social media marketing tools. It enables users to improve their business outcomes by utilizing Facebook's powerful ad technology, which delivers traffic to the user's website. By integrating Google Analytics, Qwaya identifies the target audience for advertising and delivers a campaign success overview.

It  is one of the best all in one Facebook ad campaign managers for small and medium businesses, However the pricing can be a little costly. Therefore, due to budget constraints, many small businesses are hesitant to invest in this software. Qwaya offers three SMB and enterprise plans starting with 149$. Qwaya is great, yet, it is good to look for other alternatives. There are platforms with both cheaper pricing and great user satisfaction.


Madgicx is an AI-powered omni-channel marketing platform that optimizes advertisements across Facebook, Instagram, and Google. With Madgicx you can create high ROAS campaigns. It can assist you in attracting more consumers and growing your business online with minimal work on your part.

There is no limit to how many ads you can design or generate. This enables you to work on many projects at the same time. Not only is it efficient, it also comes with affordable plans starting with 49$.

It also provides:

  • AI Audiences
  • Ad Launcher
  • Ads Manager 2.0
  • Audience Studio
  • Automation Tactics and Custom Automation
  • Bid and budget Optimization
  • Scaling Strategies

It also comes with a mobile application that brings your business at your fingertips. Considering the price and accessibility, this can be a good choice for you!



Revealbot is a versatile and powerful ad automation platform available for Facebook, Google, and Snapchat advertisements. With their powerful automated rule constructor, you can effortlessly automate your finest advertising techniques. That means Revealbot can automatically optimize your ad campaigns  24/7.

It is a great advertising solution for media buyers looking to quickly grow their campaigns, as well as agencies needing to handle a large number of high-volume accounts with well prepared client reports.

Reavelbot offers 3 strong modules:

  • Automation module
  • Auto-boosting
  • Bulk generation

You can launch, analyze and manage your ad campaign easily with their incredibly robust automation engine. Marketers can use the auto-boosting module to advertise content while maintaining control over their audiences and goals. Be sure to check if these modules align with your goals!


HubSpot Marketing Cloud

HubSpot marketing cloud is a top-notch cloud based marketing manager. Cloud integration connects many cloud-based systems into a single platform. This allows you to access and manage apps and data from several software systems in one location by breaking down software silos. This improves collaboration between teams, increases visibility, and enhances cost control.

When you manage your Facebook campaigns with HubSpot, you get in-depth information about how your business is doing and how your audience is reacting to your content. Their best features include:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Social media management options
  • Stellar marketing automation
  • Integration with other HubSpot solutions

With its efficient methods, HubSpot is a great alternative for Qwaya.



Adzooma is a free for all automated PPC management and optimization platform where you can manage your Google, Microsoft and Facebook ads in one place. Adzooma provides you with both free and paid services.

Adzoma’s free services include:

  • Monitoring and tracking all ads in one place
  • Campaign optimisation for better results
  • Campaign performance reports
  • Automated rules

With the Adzooma plus plan, which will cost you only $69, you can get more features such as

  • Landing page analysis and bid adjustments
  • Advanced SEO insights
  • Dedicated account management
  • 81 additional automated templates

Compared to Qwaya, Adzooma is more affordable with greater results.



Hootsuite's Adespresso is a smart tool for managing and automating social media advertising and PPC campaigns. You can use Adespresso for Facebook, google and Instagram ad campaigns. Its unique capabilities allow you to quickly create numerous versions of your ads, test them before posting them, and save your selections and pictures for future campaigns.

Adespresso provides you with over 74,000 real ad samples from businesses that can be categorized by placements, industry, ad purpose, and qualities.

It also provides you with a free service that gives you important reports on which campaigns are successful and which are not. And of course you can analyze campaigns, keep track of everything, manage your campaigns in one place and collaborate effectively with your clients.

Some mention worthy features of Adespresso are:

  • Adespresso gallery
  • Ads Compass
  • Synchronization CRM
  • Automatic page post promotion
  • Asset manager
  • Dynamic product ads


Buffer is a very popular brand building marketing manager that can help boost your business growth. Like Adzooma, Buffer offers a number of free features, however with their paid plans you can measure your social media performance, collaborate and plan your campaign, respond and engage with your audience.

With Buffer you can accomplish a list of things like:

  • Scheduling social posts
  • Creating slots and add content
  • Get a calendar view
  • Using Pablo for image creation
  • Utilize specific features for Instagram
  • Get in depth analytics report
  • Team management

With these easy to use features, you might want to give Buffer a shot! The features encompass a lot of issues marketers face in their daily life!


Markopolo is an AI powered SaaS marketing tool that can give your business just the right boost it needs. It makes your work simple and guides you towards the next great step you need to take for your business to grow.

It can create your Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube ad campaigns with its advanced AI technology. Mark can create high quality content that is human-like, saving you funds on copywriters and designers!

Markopolo’s services include:

  • Audience maker
  • Multiple brand management
  • AI assisted automatic content creation
  • Content calendar with scheduling
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Budget suggestions
  • AI powered optimization

The pricing is also affordable and efficient. Markopolo’s packages are designed to help businesses at different stages of their growth to make marketing automation affordable for everyone. Why don’t you sign up for the 15 day free trial (YES! 15 AWESOME DAYS!) and see the magic happen yourself!

Qwaya is an apt social media marketing tool. However, it might not always be enough for your business’s future goals. All of the marketing platforms mentioned above have an amazing set of features and services. Therefore, it is great to look at other options that will help you take the right step towards success.

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