Top 5 CleverTap Alternatives You Need To Check!

Shaikh Nahian


Shaikh Nahian


Apr 26, 2022

Top 5 CleverTap Alternatives You Need To Check!

As far as intelligent marketing platforms go, there's no denying that CleverTap is one of the best there is. With its smart, all in one platform combining state of the art analytics, segmentation and engagement tools, it's no wonder why. However, it does come with a price tag of $320 a month, which can be a bit heavy on smaller, emerging companies.

In this piece, we'll be checking out some alternatives to CleverTap that might get your job done for a smaller price, or get you better services for the same.

1. AppsFlyer

Valued at $1.6 billion as of 2021, AppsFlyer comes with a free version, and a version that costs $6 a month. It also has another version with custom pricing that's more suited for large enterprises.

Today AppsFlyer serves over 80000 companies- from startups to prominent brands such as Ebay, Pinterest, KFC, Coca-Cola, Nike etc.

You'll receive analytics reports and audience lists in real-time, and it also provides excellent integration with Ad Platforms/ affiliates and agencies. The platform is super intuitive and has excellent fraud affiliates flagging features. Ease of use is another plus, as beginner level users can easily navigate through it as well.

However, AppsFlyer does not provide a demographics option for user identification like CleverTap does. Also it does not have a funnel analysis feature.

While its services very well from small businesses to enterprises, it lacks some features that can provide deeper insights that experienced marketers may require. Regardless, you'll be getting your money's worth from AppsFlyer.


2. MoEngage

MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform, for  marketers and companies fixated on customers . MoEngage serves more than a 1000 companies around the globe which includes companies like Samsung, Flipkart, Nestle, T-Mobile etc.

It allows heavy personalization, and across multiple channels like mobile push, email, SMS, web push, on-site messaging, Facebook Audiences, in-app messaging, app inbox cards, and connectors to other technologies. It also comes with features like Exit Tracking and Spend Management, unlike CleverTap. All your retention activities can be easily done with MoEngage, and communicating with users is super smooth as well.  Any medium you need to push notifications at, this comes in handy.

Starting is free with MoEngage, upto 10,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs). After that its pay as you grow, meaning you will be billed according to usage. Compared to CleverTap, It’s is easier to set up and navigate, and is better at insights, customer retention and communication. However, its pay as you grow pricing system might not be everyone's cup of tea.


3. Mixpanel

Starting its journey in 2009, Mixpanel now serves over 6000 companies, including big names such as- Uber, Yelp, Viber, Buzzfeed etc.

Mixpanel's got a clean and crisp interface. It does a very good job of supporting some advanced analysis without making the interface overly complex. Cohort analysis is very good and it’s very easy to integrate with. It also has Exit tracking that's absent in CleverTap.

You don't get attribution tracking with Mixpanel, which would be a minus. Also, for beginners, the platform would be a bit complicated to navigate, you'll need to put in some time and work to get the hang of it.

The services come in at $89 a month, providing a cheaper alternative to CleverTap. But you will be getting a little less insight for it, and you will need to invest some time to be able to navigate it fully. Overall, if you have a smaller business or you don't necessarily need very deep insights to reach conversion and retention goals, then Mixpanel is for you.


4. Amplitude

Amplitude is an efficient mobile analytics tool which will help you maximize your mobile business growth. It provides cross-platform analytics to analyze user behaviors across web and mobile platforms. 25 of the fortune 100 companies use Amplitude, big names like PayPal, Twitter, Atlassian and Shopify- to name a few.

Amplitude has real-time analytics tools that help you discover data insights quickly. It can do funnel analysis, using which you can easily find drop offs and can increase your conversion rate. It also has behavioral cohort analysis, you can measure the impact caused by different user behaviors with it. Amplitude has a path finder feature, allowing you to visualize all the possible user conversion paths in your application.

However, features like A/B testing and push notifications are not available in Amplitude. Amplitude is mainly focused on in-depth analytics and insights, unlike the all-in-one platform that is CleverTap.

Amplitude is free for starters, you can track up to 10 million actions per month for free.  Above that, for the growth version, it's custom pricing. If your need is focused on having in-depth analytics and insights rather than to have a do-it-all solution, Amplitude might be the right fit for you.


5. is an AI powered, intelligent marketing agency. While CleverTap brings analytics, segmentation and engagement tools all in one place, Markopolo improves upon it by creating a true one stop solution for all your marketing needs.

Besides offering curated and strategized marketing blueprints based on actionable insights, can create end to end marketing campaigns, provide AI generated smart copies and creatives that boost traction for your ads. Powered with AI, Markopolo works just like a digital marketer for you.

Pricing for Markopolo is varied for different packages. Professional version cost $99 a month, team and business versions coming in at $199 and $599 a month. For large enterprises there's the enterprise version, which is quote-based. While this seems very expensive, when you factor in all the services rendered- it becomes quite reasonable since you are getting all of your digital marketing needs covered in one place. To learn more about Markopolo’s pricing plans, click here.

These 5 alternatives to CleverTap are some of the best intelligent marketing solutions available, each with their own pros and cons. But choosing the right one for you depends on your needs and growth status specifically. Whether you're running a small business or part of a large enterprise, exploring these alternatives would come in handy to figuring out which product suits you the best.

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