Top 5 AdRoll Alternatives, 2022

Asif Mahmud


Asif Mahmud


Apr 26, 2022

Top 5 AdRoll Alternatives, 2022

AdRoll is one of the best e-commerce marketing platforms out there. It helps brands grow their businesses by allowing companies to communicate with consumers from any part of the world. With great machine learning analytics at play, AdRoll places relevant advertisements to consumers with great accuracy, resulting in higher sales. It’s no wonder that AdRoll is such a valued platform.

However, AdRoll may not be everyone's go-to tool. As one of the best platforms out there, AdRoll is comparatively expensive. So, it is entirely understandable if you’re looking for an AdRoll alternative. And if you indeed are, then fear not! We have come up with a list of 5 AdRoll alternatives for you to check out.

1. Google Ad Manager

The advertising tools of Google have almost been ever-present, and they still provide a high level of utility to the users. Google AdWords is the most widely used advertisement platform in the world. With Google Ad Manager, you can actually reach people from literally anywhere Google is available – which is everywhere! With proper use of Google Ad Manager, your brand will gain a significant advantage over others and will be able to climb up the Google search result pages.

Google Ad Manager provides a top-notch module that can be used to create backend reports, measure performance with real-time updates. Moreover, targeting consumers is more efficient with this platform. The platform is highly flexible in the sense that changes can be replicated across countless accounts in an instant.

Google Ad Manager certainly holds the edge over AdRoll in terms of pricing. Using Google Ad Manager may turn out to be more cost-efficient, with more flexibility and convenience for the brand. However, AdRoll can penetrate sites that are not present in Google. In spite of that, Google Ad Manager is undoubtedly an AdRoll alternative that you can look into.

Google Ad Manager

2. Criteo

With 685 million daily active users, Criteo is one of the best retargeting platforms out there. The platform possesses super-rich and highly useful features for brands to use. It is hailed for its top-notch customer support, high-quality usability, and memorable user experience. When you use Criteo, an account manager will guide you through your bid optimization strategies.

Criteo is one of the industry leaders, and it’s easy to see why. Criteo has exceptionally dynamic retargeting options – that make it super easy for you to implement your retargeting strategies. The platform also makes it easy for you to oversee your budget management, offering excellent transparency. The platform offers you high efficiency with great customer service.

Among the drawbacks, there have been some regarding the administration panel, which can be a bit less transparent to use. The customization options can seem a bit limited. But with all the great features that Criteo offers, you can definitely add it to your list of AdRoll alternatives.

Criteo Ad Platform

3. Custom Audience Feature: Facebook

Even though it’s not a complete marketing platform, you just can’t ignore the Custom Audience feature of Facebook. Facebook has around 2.91 billion active monthly users, and one of the best ways to capitalize on their presence is the Custom Audience feature. And what’s more, the feature is quite easy to use.

With the Custom Audience feature, a brand can use the list of customers, traffic on the website or app, Facebook engagement data etc. There are different types of Custom Audiences that a user can create, based on website, app activity, customer list, engagement etc. – up to 500 Custom Audiences per ad account.

A user can even use the Lookalike Audience feature to grow the business by creating lists of people who can be targeted based on their profiles and their engagement in similar advertisements. Overall, it must be said that for Facebook advertisements, Custom Audience is an indispensable feature.

4. Quantcast

Quantcast is a tool that measures real-time web audience data. It basically analyzes and presents the traffic that your website is receiving, and the type of demographic and psychographic characteristics that they possess.

Quantcast is a very handy targeting tool. It provides insights about the people that are visiting your website, which obviously is helpful in getting a better understanding of your customers. And with the help of “Quantcast Lookalikes” service, you can target people who are similar to the type of customers or visitors your website already has. This way, your approach towards targeting more customers is more specific, and thus is likely to be more successful.


5. MailChimp

Mailchimp is a marketing platform where you can oversee and communicate with your clients in an all-in-one environment. With the help of solid data analysis, expertly curated campaigns, and effective contact management strategies, Mailchimp helps you take your marketing endeavors to the next level.

One of the features that make Mailchimp stand out is its very user-friendly email tools. If your brand is dependent on email marketing campaigns for its growth, Mailchimp can be a very specific and effective solution for you. With very detailed and curated analytics provided by Mailchimp, you can always successfully determine the next step in your email strategy.

You’ll get better pricing with Mailchimp as well, with options available that are cheaper than AdRoll. If you intend to go for email marketing, Mailchimp may well be the best tool for you out there due to its specificity in that department.


So, there you go! You can definitely consider these five options if you're looking for more AdRoll alternatives.

If you’re looking for more in-depth comparisons between AdRoll and some of these alternatives, you can check out our blog. All the best!

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