The Top 5 Fantastic Madgicx Alternatives To Beat The Odds!

Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Apr 26, 2022

The Top 5 Fantastic Madgicx Alternatives To Beat The Odds!

Since you are reading this article, chances are either you are displeased with Madgicx prompting you to look for alternatives or you are happy with Madgicx yet you want to explore your options.

Whatever the reason is, you might be able to find some good Madgicx alternatives after you are at the end of this write-up. It’d be more convenient, however, if you are opting for the latter since Madgicx altogether is a really cool tool and this article is an exploration of other prospects.

Before we delve into the options, let’s see what the drill about Madgicx is all about. Just so you get a clearer idea of what to expect from the alternatives. In brief, Madgicx happens to have access to manage every advertising platform. It’s an all-in-one party. We are talking about the Advertising Endgame here, where you bring in every platform there is. This is not even an exaggeration, that’s how cool Madgicxs is.

Backed by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, Madgicx provides its users with state-of-the-art optimization strategies that propel your business to a whole new level. As a user of Madgicxs, you would find your ad campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram handled and optimized automatically. Madgicx would help you understand your customers as you have never known them before.

Now, the great thing about having options available is that you are not limited to just one entity. Think about it, the only cars anybody ever rode belonged to Mercedes-Benz. Imagine a world without Toyota, Nissan, or Mitsubishi, the mass audience would have to rely on their feet until they were financially capable enough to get their hands on a German luxury automotive.

Based on the belief of considering other options, here are 5 Madgicx alternatives.

ActiveCampaign - One Step Closer

Automation makes marketers’ lives easier. Nothing can be sweeter than having everything on the roll without having to do much. Still, even in this age of advanced technology, you would hope that at least the meaningful relationship people have with one another should at least remain, well, humane. Perhaps, that’s where the impending fear stems from while thinking about a probable war between machines and humans.

But wouldn’t it be wonderful if machines and humans came together to create something substantial? That’s what ActiveCampaign is all about. Their Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform supports more than 130,000 businesses in 170 countries to create and flourish that ever-lasting relationship with their customers.

ActiveCampaign delivers tailored campaigns to the right people, makes proper use of lead nurturing strategies, email marketing, marketing automation, and so forth that ultimately brings dynamic results for your business.


AdRoll - Keep Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’!

Similar to ActiveCampaign, AdRoll is another Madgicx alternative that is also about nurturing the beautiful relationship you have with your customers. It keeps on rollin’ the perfect ads catered toward the right set of audience.

Now, how does it understand who’s the right audience and who’s not? Simple. It takes your customer data and also, does its own research, and then provides you with a detailed report on their habits, mannerisms, lifestyle, their interests, and needs.

AdRoll is your real-life Wall-E. It makes a bazillion number of decisions every day, analyzing every step thoroughly while letting you focus on the creative and strategic side of the work in order to nourish that divine bond you have with your customers.


Markopolo - Make Your Mark

Another effective Madgicxs alternative is Markopolo or more popularly knowns as Mark. It ensures you get maximum results with minimal effort. Its strategies are empowered by Artificial Intelligence and can effectively develop and send out each and every one of your ads in just one go. That too, in a myriad of platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google.

Mark doesn’t leave it at that, it analyzes every ad’s performance and keeps you updated on the progress. So far, Mark here, acquired an estimated 140% in Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS) for its first onboarded 100 Beta users. On the contrary, if these 100 Beta users relied on traditional agencies (who, by the way, are on the verge of extinction) then Mark along with them would have been very disappointed.

Mailchimp - Dawn of Automation

There is a possibility that the name Mailchimp would remind general movie buffs about the 2014 sci-fi film, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, which showed a complicated yet heartwarming relationship between genetically evolved apes and humans. Maybe, the word ‘chimp’ makes it convenient to make the reference but Mailchimp’s all-in-one Marketing Platform does exactly that when it comes to fostering human relationships.

To help businesses focus completely on their valuable audience, Mailchimp offers you AI-charged tools that are not only handy but user-friendly as well when it comes to email marketing. They even let you customize their mail templates to cater to the target audience. Also, for young and aspiring businesses, Mailchimp is the perfect backend support as they allow 12,000 emails to be sent for free every month!


The last Madgicx alternative is as smart as it could get. They even have the word smart in its name. Why shouldn’t they? When they are entirely determined on making your digital marketing journey smart and seamless.

From custom analytics, campaign optimization, automatic budget allocation to multi-product ads, takes care of your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns with utmost care and wit.

What’s actually ‘smart’ about is that they take a holistic approach to marketing automation. They interlink the planning and creating process, the execution stage, and always keep learning into account to help you understand the areas of improvement. enables you to move swiftly and scale with efficiency and creativity.

Peeking into the five Madgicx alternatives and Madgicx themselves, one thing is for certain - we are striving toward a world where machines and humans will work together to get the best outcome. Regardless of what sci-fi movies show, there is a wonderful opportunity to create an innovative and efficient future. Since we are in the discussion of advertising, the creativity humans possess coupled with AI’s dynamism would help businesses can acquire unprecedented success.

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