The Top 5 Adzooma Alternatives To Take Your Business To The Top Level!

Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Aqueb Safwan Jaser


May 14, 2022

The Top 5 Adzooma Alternatives To Take Your Business To The Top Level!

Let’s start this by saying Adzooma is cool on its own accord and has credentials it can very well boast about. Adzooma manages site maintenance, drafts advertisements that can bring effective outcomes, provides reports on the applied advertising efforts, and to put the cherry on top, it’s an award-winner as well.

But the age of the internet is somewhat like our universe. Slowly expanding with a supernova here and there and infinite possibilities unbeknownst to most users who are mostly confined in the solar system. It’s a metaphor but you get it, right?

If you didn’t, let’s elaborate on it a bit more. Our solar system has the sun, the moon, the planets, and so forth, and so forth. Over the years, it went through a couple of changes. For instance, we had to bid adieu to poor Pluto as an official planet. It just fell short of the requirements. Much like MySpace, remember? Well, wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t.

The reason for all these blabbers is to try to highlight the fact that change is inevitable. Even if your method is working now, it might not be suitable in the future. Evolution is a part of life. If you are a comic nerd, you may be familiar with how Iron Man kept changing his suit with every new movie (nearly) and in case, you are a music buff, you would know how the English rock band, Arctic Monkeys, keeps changing their style with every newly released album. That said, tech–tools aren’t left out of this phenomenon either.

So, even if your current method is working out super fine with you, you still might want to check out these other Adzooma alternatives. This would help you get a thorough idea of some of the options available out there. Eventually, you can then be more sure about your decision.

Prisync - Behind Enemy Lines

The thing about Prisync is it puts your business behind enemy lines. You can keep a close watch over your competitors and find out their pricing strategies and other business techniques. No matter the width of the enemy line is short or long, Prisync operates like a true ally.

What they at first do is gather relevant data available in the competitive climate of Google Shopping and then monitor that collected data by running them through their Competitive Pricing Intelligence Engine, which automatically analyzes the stock and mentioned prices of the competitors.

Other than these, Prisync’s other benefits include its capability to observe countless opponents and receive 4 price updates every other day!

Oktopost - A Revolution For B2Bs

Oktopost is a tailored tool, particularly for B2B companies. It’s a no-brainer how social media management is one of their core responsibilities. Especially, after the pandemic struck, the fine line between B2B and B2C is on the verge of fading.

As the party booms online, B2B marketers are working their way to reinforce their brands in the virtual world. But each social media platform comes with its own unique characteristics comprising the set of audience, style, tone, character count, etc. For instance, if a business emphasizes the younger audience then Instagram might be a good deal to go forward with.

The reason Oktopost is listed as one of the Adzooma alternatives is that it is custom-built just for B2B marketing teams. Oktopost enables B2B marketers to build a powerful relationship with their customers, interact with prospects waiting around in a corner in one of the social media platforms, gather workable insights by monitoring genuine KPIs from the company’s social media posts and actually, let’s emphasize on that again, ACTUALLY, determine the company’s social ROI! Isn’t that something?


Bitrix24 - Efficiency Before Everything

Bitrix24’s head copy on their website says - “Sell more. Sell better. Sell faster.” Evidently, they are talking about efficiency. And they mean it very, very much. Developed to further enhance communication and nurture collaboration between your workforce. Bitrix24’s cloud storage option enables systematic data management which makes your business grow, seamlessly.

Due to its state-of-the-art attributes that automate marketing and sales operations, you can further refine how your team operates and bring dynamic results for your business.

Madgicx - Multiverse of Agencies

You have a business - couldn’t get any cooler. Your product is revolutionary - AMAZING!!! You want to make your business boom - Commendable. You are on the lookout for agencies and experts - That’s great. But you are not satisfied with everything you’ve seen so far? Sigh.

It’s understandable. It really is. Businesses understand the importance of digital marketing and genuinely want to grow. But sometimes things lead to nowhere and they end up being on their own. Back to basics. If your business is also struggling as such then you are in for a treat.

Madgicx brings together every advertising channel in one platform. Be it Facebook, Instagram, or Google, Madgicx offer marketers the unique opportunity to cater to each channel, individually. The up-to-date AI technology takes care of your audience, launches ads that perfectly satisfy their needs and requirements, and it even goes as far as optimizing the ads round-the-clock. Last but not the least, you can even bid test on your ads sets that worked the most and then scale them.

Markopolo - Refining the Digital Voyage

The great Merchant Marco Polo left behind records of his excursion that later inspired aspiring travelers including Christopher Columbus. In a way, he simplified traveling. Quite similarly, Markopolo operates on simplifying the entire digital marketing procedure.

As a SaaS solution, Markopolo comes across as one of the great Adzooma alternatives because of its ambition on driving greater accessibility with a streamlined digital marketing approach.

With the internet being crowded as it is, no one wants to be bombarded with content completely irrelevant to their lives. In such cases, Markopolo ensures businesses don’t piss off netizens by delivering the right content to exactly the right people and thus, helping them accelerate their revenue and reinforce their brand identity.

As mentioned earlier, it’s amazing if you are already using Adzooma. But then again, as a marketer, you should be on the lookout for other options to help your business evolve and reach heights that weren’t reached before. These 5 Adzooma alternatives may broaden your horizon and help you make the right decisions for your business.

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