The Perfect Guide To Grow Your Audience As An Influencer



May 17, 2022

The Perfect Guide To Grow Your Audience As An Influencer

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As an influencer in 2021, you’re probably frustrated with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, brands undermining your talent based on your follower count and the list doesn’t stop. It’s demotivating when your posts don’t do well despite all the effort you put into them for reasons out of your control. We’ve put together a list of strategies and tools you can use to grow your account and have the most amount of reach.

Be Willing To Expand Your Niche

Every content creator attracts a specific type of following. You need to decide early on whether you want to hold on to this audience or diversify it. Most people like to stick to their original style without much change. This strategy is not a bad one, especially if you’re just starting but some creators don’t want to break out of this. The problem is, people grow tired of repetitive content, algorithms and trends on social platforms keep changing and eventually, their growth becomes stagnant.

A good way to have variations in your content is to explore the types of media you put out. Having a blend of static images, videos and even infographic photos can keep your audience interested and attract more people to your page. Be willing to explore other niches as well, keeping up with recent trends and emerging brands can give you an upper hand.

Be Present Across Multiple Social Platforms

As a content creator, you want to have as much reach as possible. The most effective way to do that is by covering all your bases. Even if you have a preferred platform, sharing your posts across other social channels goes a long way. If you think it’s too much of a hassle, apps like Buffer can help with scheduling and sharing your posts across all your platforms.

Being active in upcoming and alternative social channels like Tiktok, Tumblr and Pinterest is a great way to hook a new audience. If they like your content, there’s a chance they will start following you on your mainstream pages. Tiktok has been gaining popularity in recent months, with 689 million monthly users, so it’s a smart move to be on them if you already aren’t. Make Use Of Creator Tools

With influencer marketing on the rise, more and more people are joining the bandwagon. To improve the quality and growth rate of your account, there are a lot of good paid and free tools you can utilize to stand out.

  • SkedSocial : A visual planning and scheduling app that automatically publishes all your posts for you. The software also analyzes and gives you advanced analytics for better strategic timing.
  • Canva : Canva is a basic graphic design tool, perfect for influencers. They offer a variety of templates, visuals and more to make your content shine brighter and look more sophisticated. Visual graphics in stories and posts are a popular trend in 2021
  • : An AI automated tool that puts your growth and management on autopilot. The GPT-3 powered cloud-hosted software gives you deep insights into the performance of posts, content suggestions and much more. AI-generated captions can help you get better traction and engagement.
  • KeyHole : Instagram cares about hashtags more than any other platform and statistics show that a post with even one hashtag gets more engagement than a post with none. Keyhole gives you real-time data about how your hashtags perform and suggestions for making your own

Connect With Your Audience

A strong connection with your followers can generate more engagement and build a loyal follower base or a community. Try communicating with your followers when they comment on your posts and reply to their compliments. This makes your followers feel seen and makes you seem approachable. Moreover, the new Instagram algorithm’s second priority is audience relationship, so you should care about it too.

Brands prefer to collaborate with influencers who have a good connection with their followers. Brands want to sell their products through influencers, the more your audience likes you the more they would be willing to buy things you promote. It's easier to get insights from influencers who know what their audience wants, making them more appealing and easier to work with.

Be Smart With Your Bio

Instagram allows you to have only one link on your profile. Links don’t work on captions and you can’t have the swipe up feature unless you have 10 thousand followers. So it's best to utilize the opportunity. Link your website if you have one. Websites can be a great asset for your influencer career, they work as a portfolio for brands to see your work and allow you to share your story. Apps like Wix can help you create your website in a few easy steps.

Adding your contact details, the mail to reach you, a creative description of your work are touches that help you seem professional and approachable by brands.

Be Authentic

A lot of planning and strategizing goes behind your influencer journey. While all of those are important, being authentic and original is the only way you’ll be able to make a mark in your audience’s heart. Many micro and nano influencers grew their following drastically by focusing on unfiltered and unedited content. One of the biggest trends in recent years is the want for realistic and unmanufactured content in social spaces. A growing number of people prefer influencers they can relate to. Being your true self on your platform will make your audience feel more connected to you.

In Conclusion

Finding a balance between what you want to put out and what’s trending can be difficult. It makes it hard to choose between authenticity and popularity. It’s not fun to work on something for years and not getting the deserved outcome. With the right tricks and tools, it can be an easier journey for you to grow your audience while doing what you love.

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