The Easiest Way To A Maintained Fashion Brand - Instagram Edition



May 17, 2022

The Easiest Way To A Maintained Fashion Brand - Instagram Edition

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When you first think of Instagram, you think of good photos. And when you think about Instagram business, you think of Fashion businesses. Online retailers and e-commerce stores have thrived on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Since the unique selling point for Instagram is associated with it being focused on good quality images, brands of the fashion industry excel under these conditions.

However, being just a good fashion brand on Instagram is not enough. To ensure success on a platform like Instagram, companies have to ensure most, if not all, of the following.

Post Good Quality Photos

Picture: Gorur Ghash’s (@gorurghash) feed decorated with well-framed shots, visually appealing Instagram feed, color-coordinated profile photo, and story-highlight photos.

This is a no-brainer. Instagram is a medium specifically made for photos. You cannot skip out on the quality of photos if you want to reach a good number of audience. Sometimes, Instagram is not allowed to boost a post if it doesn’t meet the required quality standards. Making sure your photos look good alone and also as part of your company’s feed is imperative in running a successful fashion brand.

Use Hashtags as if they are the Ingredients to a Magic Potion

Hashtags help find the perfect audience for you. Using hashtags relevant to your brand and maybe even used by your company's competitors with similar offerings but with better reach can help you get just the right audience. However, there are certain strategies you could ensure so that your hashtags do not get lost in the crowd of other good photos in the community. A trick to ensuring that your hashtags are effective is making the hashtags have long-tails and keeping them narrow (while ensuring relevance to the brand). For example, a hashtag like #blackandwhite may have more than 150M posts. Even if your black and white photos are of good quality, it will get lost among the hundreds of good photos getting uploaded with the same common hashtag at the same time. You would much rather go with a hashtag like #blackandwhitelover, which has about 39k posts. It has enough posts to get your brand to catch attention, and not too many that your post gets lost. There is thus, of course, a science behind using the perfect hashtags. You can also try and make your own hashtag.

Use Tools to Automate Parts of the Targeting and Copywriting

There are quite a few applications and tools you could make use of if you wanted to organize your Instagram account and to increase your reach. These websites work to ease a lot of your work on Instagram in building your fashion brand. One of the tools you can use is a hashtag generator in case you are in a rush. However, you must use relevant hashtags, or else you might even face a long-tails and keeping them narrow. A shadowban is when Instagram, without notice, puts a ban on you, and your reach drops. Another reason why you might face a shadowban is when repeating hashtags too many times. As a thriving fashion brand, you can not risk a shadowban. Other than hashtag generators, if you boost a post and want the perfect targeting, you could sign up at websites like to target the best customers using artificial intelligence.

Create Smart Partnerships

It is a good strategy to work with Instagram influencers who already have a good reach and following base in the certain category you operate in. e.g., if you were a sports apparels brand on Instagram, you would benefit in teaming up with a fitness influencer. Fitness influencers get their followers interested in sports apparel because they hit the aspirational and the pragmatic demands of their consumers. You can find influencers to collaborate with since 40% of people say they've purchased an item from an online shopping brand after seeing it featured and used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You should tag the influencers you collaborate with to reach the particular influencer's follower base.

Feature the Artists

If you are a fashion company, you could benefit from featuring the artists and/or designers under the posts with the clothes you are showcasing. We can see an example of Burberry's official Instagram page where the company always tags the artists, making their posts more interesting to a follower. As a result of this, loyal followers of the artists will also give support to the brand.

Picture: Burberry featuring all the artists of a single photoshoot in the caption.

Build a Community by Engaging with Your Potential Customers

Engagement is key. Building an engaging Instagram fashion brand is important since the company is an entity and not a human being. This engagement can be achieved with very simple tools integrated inside of Instagram to connect to your customers. You could induce engagement by:

  • Posting poll stories to ask for which design the followers love more
  • Posting "Ask Us Questions" story questionnaires on Instagram. This can be a great source of understanding the market too.
  • Generally, posting a lot of stories and ensuring replies in the direct messages box can help with engagement and community-building as well.

Make it ‘Shoppable’

The feed should be updated according to the actual inventory you have in real-time. Making the experience 'shoppable' helps ease the process of buying for the customers much easier and accessible. Have the prices and buying information available on the posts so that one tap on the attached website can help you go to the buying page.

Picture: A call-to-action advertisement inside of Instagram by @shingara_production

Picture: Investing in featuring products in Instagram’s market place.

A Tactic with Guaranteed Results

Not sure if you're able to compete with all these Instagram accounts? On Instagram, try dynamic retargeting advertising. Instagram is an incredibly useful channel for retargeting promotions, with over 800 million users (and counting). You could see a revenue increase of 12 percent or more if you re-engage shoppers who are most likely to purchase with highly targeted advertising. Retargeting is a highly effective targeting method that gets you to the customers who are actually your business's target group; since they have been interested before. Sign up here to get the best services related to targeting your customers.

Let Your Customers Do the Work

When you share a customer's review on your story or even your feed, the customers are quite likely to feel a sense of pride when they see their favorite brands feature them. Many famous brands like Fenty do not even need to spend much money on their marketing anymore; the customer-review photos do the work for them. Even giveaway posts, when done right, can get customers to bring more audience to you with them tagging their friends in the comment sections.

Picture: FENTY BEAUTY BY RIHANNA (@fentybeauty) having a mostly customer-curated feed.

In conclusion, that is how you might just succeed in making a space for your brand in the red ocean that is the fashion scene of Instagram.

If you want to have customized AI leveraged campaigns created for your fashion brand, reach us at, and let's discuss the best campaigning strategy for you!

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