Take A Break From Selling By Learning How To Pause Shopify Stores

Shaikh Nahian


Shaikh Nahian


May 15, 2022

Take A Break From Selling By Learning How To Pause Shopify Stores

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E-commerce has seen an amazing and unprecedented rise in recent years, and Shopify is one of the game changers in this rapidly growing industry. Shopify is an all-in-one e-commerce solution that lets you create and host beautifully designed websites for your store and manage their day-to-day operations with ease.

As a Shopify merchant, you might need a break from selling sometimes, or you might need to shut your store down entirely at some point.

If you have a seasonal business which you only need to keep open for certain periods of time, or if you simply need a break from doing business- pausing your Shopify store is the right choice.

Pausing will let you remove your shop temporarily. There used to be two pausing options available to you on Shopify- Pause and Pause and Build. Choosing Pause and Build let you continue working in your store without allowing any purchase. Choosing Pause used to let you pause the store completely and not let anyone (including yourself) access it. But as of December 2021, the Pause and Build option is the only available one for Shopify merchants.

To be eligible for either one of these plans, your Shopify store needs to be on a paid plan for at least 60 days past the free-trial period. Selecting the Pause and Build plan, you will get a reduced subscription fee of $9 a month, and customers will be able to continue accessing your shop. Only the checkout process will be disabled. You can build your store by adding or editing products in your store in the meantime, and reopen it when you're done with the break.

This article here will walk you through the steps necessary for pausing your Shopify store.

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Things to remember before you pause

There are a few things to remember before you go ahead with pausing your Shopify store.

As mentioned before, pausing your store for a few months will get you a reduced fee per month. So you’ll be saving more money than you would on Shopify’s Basic Plan. But what often gets forgotten is that you’ll also need to uninstall and cancel any recurring monthly charges for third-party apps that you had associated with your Shopify store. As these apps won’t be paused, you'll be racking up quite a hefty bill if these plans are not canceled.

Another thing you need to remember is before you pause your store, you’ll have to clear any outstanding charges you have left on Shopify.

Steps to pause your Shopify store

  1. First, log in as the store owner.
  2. In your Admin Dashboard, go to Settings.
  3. Click on Plans and Permissions.
  4. Here you will see a section named Store Status. Head over there.
  5. Select Pause Store. You will see a terms and conditions page.
  6. If you agree with the terms provided, click on Pause Store.
  7. A billing page will appear. Review the changes to your billing cycle.
  8. After reviewing, click on Confirm Changes.

Now your Shopify store is paused, and you're saving money as you're provided with a reduced subscription fee. You can still work on your store, and customers can view what items you have up for sale along with their prices but won't be able to purchase anything because Checkout will be disabled.

However, being able to view the products and prices but not being able to buy them, might have a negative effect on customer experience. To prevent this and improve the overall customer experience during this paused period, you can customize your shop's theme to hide the prices and hide the Add to Cart option. This will make sure that the customers know that they can't buy anything from the store beforehand, rather than clicking on Buy and getting rejected.

Since the Pause plan is no longer available, we'll need to find ways within the Pause and Build plan if we don't want to display items in our shop while paused. You can restrict customer access to your online store by enabling the password page.

The password page is a landing page that adds password protection to your online store. Only the password page of your store will be found by search engines. Product pages will remain hidden, and search engines won't be able to display them in search results.

When the break is over, you can reopen your store and start selling again. You can reopen your store at any time you want, you'll just need to select a new plan when you do.

Reopening your Shopify store

  1. Log in as the store owner.
  2. In your admin dashboard, head over to Settings.
  3. Click on Plans and Permissions.
  4. Click on Compare Plans.
  5. Choose a pricing plan that suits you. Prices range from $29/month to $299/month.
  6. After choosing a plan, your store will resume and start operating as before.

In business, things don't always go according to plan and you might find yourself needing to close the doors of your store for a while. Taking a break from business shouldn't require you to start everything from scratch when you come back.

Shopify's pausing plans will help you take a break from business the way you want to. You can keep working on the store while suspending day to day sales, or you can stop everything altogether. Hopefully this article will help you along the steps of pausing your Shopify store and keep you informed of the necessary things to do before pausing as well. Check our blog for more simple guides like this!

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