MarTech: Revolutionize Your Business With Marketing Technology

Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Aqueb Safwan Jaser


May 1, 2022

MarTech: Revolutionize Your Business With Marketing Technology

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Many, many years ago, people sent letters to communicate. In that era, goods were manufactured in small amounts, and often, they were manually made. To have such products recognized, the marketers back then urged influential people of that era to throw in a few goods for them and their goods. This was back in the 1900s and marketing has come a long way since then.

It established many sub-disciplines like copywriting, graphic designing, content marketing over the years. The new aspect creating quite a buzz these days is called MarTech.

Definition of MarTech

MarTech, broadly defined as Marketing Technology, is a bridge between marketing and technology. All the different kinds of software and  tools that are used to streamline the marketing process are referred to as MarTech. It’s the formation of a beautiful friendship.

While there are many articles that question the winner in the war between humans and machines, MarTech opens up the possibilities of what could happen if humans and technology work together. It enables marketers to make a thorough analysis of their customer and data driven ways to better connect with their target audience. The set of tech tools used by an organization for all the marketing purposes is called the MarTech Stack.

MarTech tools are becoming an increasingly important addition to businesses and marketers.

The use of technology in marketing is not new, the adoption of MarTech platforms by SMBs to improve their advertisement has risen.

For instance, between the years 2018 and 2019, that is, in  just one year, the MarTech industry boomed to 20%. Businesses based in North America increased their marketing budgets no less than 6%.

This suggests how businesses these days spend most on marketing and a great proportion of their spending is focused on relevant marketing technology.

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What benefits do MarTech bring?

The benefits offered by MarTech are abundant. To say it in brief, it makes a marketer’s life easy. Let’s look at them in detail, shall we?

Fast & Super Functional

MarTech simplifies the entire marketing process so the busy marketers can shift their focus elsewhere. That’s not all. In the age of the internet, your marketing tactics aren’t just confined to just Facebook or Instagram. You need to take all of them into consideration. What’s amazing about MarTech is that they can handle multiple marketing channels in one go.

As a marketer, use of such tech can be amazing, considering how it functions as a single tool even though it integrates several components with ease.

Instant Decisions

In the past, marketers created and executed exhaustive campaigns. Once it was out on the open, they waited for months to gather sufficient data and later on, they went onto evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness. The delay in receiving the data caused a loss in revenue because in that period of time, a lot would have changed. Naturally, the approach wasn’t effective enough.

On the contrary, MarTech helped revolutionize the complete marketing process. It empowers the  analysis that is in progress to make decisions of its own. It allows marketers to have innumerable and comprehensive data on their customers in an instant. And by ‘comprehensive’, we mean that MarTech gives an in-depth insights on their customers.

Additionally, these provides actionable information, which allow marketers to put aside the worry of having to dig out separate facts and figures from complete raw data. But the core benefit is that receiving the data on the go enables Markters to make swift changes when things take a different turn.

Duty of a Marketing Technologist

In an article by McKinsey & Company, Scott Brinker, Co-founder & CTO of ion interactive shares his opinion on what it means to be a marketing technologist in today’s time:

At first, he begins by defining the role of a marketing technologist. He says, a marketing technologist is someone who designs and integrates technological solutions in the process of marketing. He also clarifies that it’s not about incorporating IT solutions in the context of marketing. It’s more complicated and interesting than that.

The individual makes an attempt to understand the role of technology and what benefits can they bring in the world of marketing. Since the digital world is evolving at an accelerated rate, these professionals strive to keep up by supporting nontechnical marketers. They do so with beneficial tech tools and data in order to strategize more fruitful campaigns and customer experiences.

As you may understand, they are sailing two boats at the same time. They clearly see the intricate connection between marketing and IT and works to make this association bring more valuable outcome. Marketing technologists manages the API (application programming interface) that stands between marketing and both agencies and service providers.

In response to this, Jason Heller, global leader of McKinsey’s Marketing Operations service line, says he considers a marketing technologist as a bridge between the experience customers have and the overall marketing processes.

He brings it down to one essential point and this, how in the end, it’s all about nurturing the human essence. The role becomes essential when they actually understand what their customers want and which channels work the best in building a long-lasting relationship with them.

In an another McKinsey & Company’s article, Scott asserts that Martech is transforming marketing as a mere media of communication to a matter of experience. It allows marketers to have an assortment of marketing aspects, such as tailored content to customized software. Marketing technologies are here to stay, and we can only imagine how far the innovation will lead us.

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