Marketing Automation for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

Asif Mahmud


Asif Mahmud


May 1, 2022

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you own a small business, you must be aware of how difficult it is to take care of your marketing activities manually. And you must also be wondering if spending so much time and effort manually sorting your marketing activities is worth it or not.

Well, it’s not. Not anymore.

Businesses that prefer automation to manually monitoring their marketing activities increase their sales by 10%.

So, how do you adopt marketing automation for your small business? There must be numerous complexities involved, so many difficult tools to use, and so many new things to learn, right?

Not really. Marketing automation is supposed to help you out, and getting started with it isn't too difficult. And in this article, we are going to give you a thorough idea about marketing automation and how you can benefit from applying automation to your small business marketing operations. So, let's give it a go!

Marketing Automation: Where Is It Applicable?

The best thing about marketing automation is that it will take care of routine stuff that you usually have to do manually. So, it frees up a lot of time for you without compromising the level of performance. With marketing automation, your whole team can be in sync, and work towards the same goals.

There are various routine tasks that you can tell your software to take care of. Website activities, email campaigns, social media post scheduling, preparing marketing campaign performance reports – the scope of marketing automation is pretty broad.

Understand Your Customers Thoroughly

Marketing automation can analyze data and apply data to the activities it has to perform. Thus, through marketing automation, you can get a thorough understanding of your customers.

You will be able to decipher the type of customers you currently possess, the type that are more active – while detecting the types that you aren’t being able to attract. Having these types of information can help immensely in preparing your marketing strategies.

You can also take steps to keep the customers you currently have. Marketing automation helps you with your customer retention strategies as well.

Evaluate the Performance of Your Marketing Campaigns

How do you understand the level of performance of your marketing campaigns? With the help of data, of course.

When you control your campaigns manually, then it becomes very difficult to keep track of the performance of the campaigns with different metrics. Evaluation becomes a completely different task altogether.

However, with the help of marketing automation, the performance of your marketing campaign will be evaluated simultaneously. You won’t have to make room to monitor the performance, your tool will do it for you.

Automating Email Activities

Sending welcome emails, updates, special offers, etc. to your customers is a very basic thing to do. And if you don’t use automation, it can be extremely tedious.

With the help of automation, you can go for email sequencing which will take care of not just one, but multiple mails in the same sequence on its own. You just have to set the points you want the mails to cover, and the tool will take care of the rest.

Generating and Nurturing Leads

Lead generation can be a daunting task at times. The process is very basic, but going over it on a grand scale takes up a lot of time if you’re doing it manually. However, with marketing automation in place, you won’t have to worry about the whole time-consuming process.

Marketing automation will also help you out in understanding the ongoing trends existent among your potential customers, and their ever-changing interests as well. That’s why marketing automation comes in super handy in lead generation and lead nurturing.

Content Automation

Getting the content ready is usually not something you’d do through automation. However, finding the most effective types of content can be done through automation. Content is crucial for your small business, and it’s of utmost importance that you get the process of choosing the content you’ll spend your resources preparing spot on.

Automation helps you prepare your content strategy to an optimum level. What’s more, you can also personalize content for the customers by analyzing customer behavior. Content automation can be a real gamechanger for your small business.

Marketing Automation with Take Your Small Business to New Heights

So, marketing automation is better in whatever way you want to look at it. Great. Now, how do you automate your marketing automation?

This is where can help you out. With the help of, you can delve into the depths of marketing automation, and that too with great success.

Features offers a wide range of features in its diverse sets of plans. In total it has 4 different plans for you to use: Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise. The professional one allows you single brand management, along with some limitations on some of the features.

However, as you move on to the other plans, you get access to a lot more features such as:

  • Multiple brand management
  • Team Member Addition
  • High Performing Audience Creation and Targeting
  • Ad Interest and Keyword Suggestion
  • Campaign Objectives Unlocked
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking on Facebook and Google
  • Large Asset Library
  • Automatic content generation with AI
  • Detailed Dashboard
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pricing offers very reasonable pricing for its plans. The pricings are:

  • Professional: $99/month ($83/month if taken yearly)
  • Team: $199/month ($165/month if taken yearly)
  • Business: $599/month ($499/month if taken yearly)
  • Enterprise: Customized through meeting

Other Tools that We Recommend

If isn’t your cup of tea, no worries! There are some tools that we suggest you check out if you’re looking to automate your marketing activities.

Constant Contact: Specializes in Email Marketing

If you’re in need of a tool that specializes in email marketing, Constant Contact is the one to go for. It offers you a whole range of features that include triggering emails at specific times, customized messages to users, getting better segmentation, tracing emails in real-time, etc.

The pricing is reasonable as well, with a range of $20-$45 depending on the number of contacts you have. If your focus is specifically on email marketing, Constant Contact can really help you out!

OptinMonster: Best for Generating Leads

Again, if you are looking to focus on a particular area, it’s better to use a tool that is the best in that area. And for lead generation, OptinMonster is the best you can get.

With loads of exciting features such as having complete control of your marketing operations, message automation, real-time behavior automation, and more – OptinMonster is a no-brainer if your primary focus is to generate leads. The pricing is quite reasonable as well, with a range of $9-$49 billed annually.

We can safely say that marketing automation is the best way forward. Adopting automation for your marketing campaigns can help you out in numerous ways. We hope with the help of this guide, you will choose the best strategies and marketing automation tool for your small business. All the best!

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