How To Link Instagram With Shopify: Bring In New Customers

Shaikh Nahian


Shaikh Nahian


May 15, 2022

How To Link Instagram With Shopify: Bring In New Customers

Table of Contents:

  1. Reasons to sell on Instagram
  2. A little on how Instagram shopping works
  3. Connecting Shopify to Instagram

Being a Shopify shop owner, you already have some advantage over traditional brick-and-mortar retailers. You get to reach buyers all over the world, and there are multiple sales channels available to you.

Linking your Instagram business profile to your Shopify online shop is like having an extra storefront for free. Even if your online business is doing well, having an additional Instagram business channel open to you will no doubt boost your sales.

With the introduction of Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout, Instagram has become more than just an excellent engagement booster for your brand as it functions as another store for merchants besides their homepage.

In this piece, we'll be discussing-

  • Why sell on Instagram
  • How does Instagram shopping work and how to set it up
  • Connecting Shopify with Instagram
  • Frictionless Shopping Experience

Reasons to sell on Instagram

There are many reasons for you to have Instagram as a sales channel, but here are some of the main ones-

Massive user base

With about one billion active monthly users, Instagram is one of the best platforms for reaching new and potential customers. Not only does it have a massive user base, 90% of the users follow at least one Instagram business. All the top Shopify sellers and store owners are now on Instagram, and it's no wonder why.

Selling directly to customers

Instagram now has a shopping and a checkout feature. You can sell directly to customers on Instagram, increasing your conversion rate. You can use product tags on posts, Stories, IG Live, and advertisements, and people can buy directly using them within the app.

Frictionless Shopping Experience

Using Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout, customers can speed up their buying in only 3 steps, all within the app. Friction is something you should always try to avoid while selling something online, and Instagram lets you do just that. Providing a seamless purchasing experience for your customers will ultimately increase your conversion rate. Customers will  end up with a high opinion of your brand, which in turn increases the possibility of further purchase.

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A little on how Instagram shopping works-

Instagram shopping has given you the capacity to sell your products across your Instagram business profile, along with many features.

  • You can add product tags in your posts, stories, videos and ads. People visiting your page will be able to browse and purchase using these tags.
  • Although functionality of your product is important, people tend to shop with their eyes. Your business page will act like a store filled with images of your products as Instagram only allows posting images and videos.
  • Visitors can check the details of a product by clicking on said product from your shop, complete with an image gallery and descriptions.
  • Like Shopify, product lines can be categorized into themes in Instagram. You can use Collections to do this.
  • Visitors can use Instagram Checkout to complete the purchase in-app, or you can let it direct them to your Shopify page.

Before linking Instagram to your Shopify store, you'll need to set up Instagram Shopping first. Here's how to set up Instgram Shop-

  1. Before you start, you'll need to make sure your products follow their eligibility policies. Check out Instagram's Commerce Eligibility Requirements before you go any further. Shopify store owners have their own site domains, which is another requirement. Also, your country needs to be a supported market for this service.
  2. Next up, you'll need an Instagram business account. To switch to a business account, all you need to do is head to your Profile >Go to Settings >Click on Account >Click on "Switch to Professional account".
  3. You’ll need to connect your Instagram Shop with your Facebook business page. You can create one for free if you don't have one already. This will let you run ads, share posts on both Instagram and Facebook at the same time, and compile the messaging tools they offer.
  4. Now that your business is all set in both Facebook and Instagram, you can start putting up products. Once you connect with your Facebook sales channel, your shop's catalog can automatically sync with your Instagram and Facebook shops. You can upload products manually, but if you are a Shopify merchant, you can upload them directly from your store which is simpler.
  5. After uploading your products, you can turn on Shopping features. It will allow you to tag your products in your posts, Stories, IG live, ads and let people buy directly from your new Instagram business account.

Connecting Shopify to Instagram

Following the steps above you should be able to get your Instagram business account all set up. Now you'll need to get Shopify products into your Instagram business page. Here's how you do it-

1.  Head to your Shopify dashboard. There's a SALES CHANNELS section along the left side of the dashboard. Click on the plus icon next to it. You'll get a list of available sales channels.

  1. Click the green plus icon next to the Facebook option. You'll be presented with detailed permissions that're required for adding this sales channel.
  2. Click on Update sales channel and you'll see Facebook added under the SALES CHANNELS section.
  3. In your Facebook sales channel, go to Sell your product on Instagram and click on Start Setup. Some recommendations such as using an established Facebook account, having admin permissions for said account and making sure that you have an Instagram business account.
  4. Then you check out the terms and conditions and request approval, which will take a day or two.
  5. Now to add your Shopify store's products to Instagram, go to your business profile and click Settings.
  6. Head to Business, then go to Shopping. Confirm your Facebook account, choose your product catalog. Click Done.
  7. Now your products will automatically sync from your Shopify store to your Instagram and Facebook shops.
  8. Finally to update your checkout system, go to the Commerce Settings in your Facebook sales channel on your Shopify dashboard.

There are two checkout options to choose from- Directly on Facebook and Instagram or Your Shopify Online Store. Each option has their pros and cons, but selecting  Directly on Facebook and Instagram, your customers will have a frictionless experience shopping within Instagram.

Now that you are done with setting up Instagram Shopping and connecting your Instagram business page to your Shopify store, all that's left to do is customizing your Instagram account so more customers are drawn. You can add your Instagram feed to Shopify if you need to as well, using third party apps like Instafeed.

There are many different ways to sell your products online, and you need to get smarter to drive sales and increase conversion. Keeping your Shopify store as the main branch while utilizing the many channels available like Instagram or Facebook, can be a good strategy for your business growth.

We hope this article helps should you choose to follow this strategy in your journey as a Shopify merchant. To add more social media platform, check this out!

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