How To Block A Customer On Shopify: Save Your Business From Unwanted Trouble

Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Aqueb Safwan Jaser


May 15, 2022

How To Block A Customer On Shopify: Save Your Business From Unwanted Trouble

Table of Content:

  1. Unravel the Mystery with Fraud Filter
  2. Close the Borders with a Geolocation Blocker
  3. The Sacred Fraud Report To Enlighten You

You know, there are three types of customers. First off, is the good ones. The ones who are apple (or apples) of the eye. Upon their entrance, you know your day is automatically going to get brightened up. It’s like meeting an old friend after ages.

Then arrives the second kind. Completely opposite to the ones we praised above. They come off as unexpected, really. Be it with a bad review or tendency to get their points across, they know very well how to piss you off. These are the type of customers you would pray you never meet on the next day of your business.

While you thought you have met every kind of customer there would be for your business, you meet the unexpected the ones, the third type. It would seem as if they popped out of a black and white film-noir, throwing furtive glances at you, and your heart would start beating, feeling the anticipation that something really terrible is about to happen.

Technically, they can’t even be called customers but they guise themselves to be. These are the scammers, the fraudsters who are hell-bent on ruining the reputation of your store. If you had ever watched a gangster movie, you would see how local goons threaten the store owner, rummage through the stocks, and even go as far as asking for ransom. The case is quite the same.

But that doesn’t mean, you will leave your business and sulk for the rest of your lives. You need to stand up for yourself. So, just as how you would protect your physical store, you would need to take care of your Shopify store as well.

Knowing how to block a customer on Shopify is one of the key things you need to know when you are starting out as a Shopify user. Besides, you don’t want to be hit by or struck by a smooth criminal, do you?

Unravel the Mystery with Fraud Filter

Good thing is, Shopify is already aware of the customers in disguise, who are engaged in ransomware. They already created a protector, its own Dark Knight, to look after your business while you focus on its growth. This defender is called Fraud Filter. It is an app made by Shopify and it enables you to create custom filters to keep the fraudsters at bay.

Fraud Filters is devised to understand who’s trouble and who’s not. As you create certain rules on the app, such as IP addresses, emails, physical address, and several more that confirms security breach, orders are either canceled or you get a sheer warning when there’s something fishy around the corner.

Close the Borders with a Geolocation Blocker

Ambition is sweet. You want to go exceed your limits, go beyond borders. It’s all very sweet. But it’s not sweet when you didn’t extend your business ambition far out yet you are getting responses overseas.

Say, for instance, when you target customers based in Canada, you wouldn’t necessarily get an order from the Bahamas. If you do so, don’t get your hopes high, you are not there yet. Even if you are, you must have thought it through. Sudden moments of happiness in business should be properly checked before jumping to a conclusion.

So, when you are serving customers of a particular country, ensure with a Geolocation Blocker app to prevent unwanted traffic from a foreign country. Later on, of course, you can make changes in the app based on your evolving goals.

One such notable app is Traffic Guard. Here, you can redirect the traffic to the region it is coming from if you have partnered up with a reseller from that particular area. And without the use of codes, you can set the rules for your store based on specified IP addresses or locations.

The Sacred Fraud Report To Enlighten You

Read the instructions!

Our laziness goes as far as clicking the ‘I Agree’ button to the long list of terms and conditions. While this is not much of an issue when you are setting up something on your PC (Hey, some of us who are not tech-buffs, we did well so far, haven’t we?) but it can be a bit of a problem when fraudsters are involved.

To prepare you for what’s coming, Shopify has prepared a fraud report. Every order that arrives at Shopify stores goes through this life-changing report. If you are not a reader, don’t fret. This report is super easy to read and you can make an analysis yourself as to which orders come across as shady and which do not. After you are done with your speculations, you can give the green signal for the good order to be processed.

Combining your analysis based on the Shopify fraud report with the apps mentioned above, you can build a fortress strong enough to keep the titans away. Because, as the old saying goes, the more, the merrier. And merrier you shall be when a myriad of resources give you a thorough understanding as to the authenticity of an order.

With great success in Shopify, there must come great security. Even though that’s a rip-off of Uncle Ben’s dialogue, you get the drill, right? In addition to knowing how to best serve your customer, you must also know how to block a customer on Shopify when the time arrives.

Because, as mentioned before, they are not customers, to begin with. There are all kinds of imposters in the online boomtown, so you need to be on your guard 24/7.

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