Facebook Lookalike Audiences: A Comprehensive Overview

Asif Mahmud


Asif Mahmud


May 15, 2022

Facebook Lookalike Audiences: A Comprehensive Overview

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Do You Need Facebook Lookalike Audiences?
  2. How Do I Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences?
  3. How to Get the Best Out of Facebook Lookalike Audiences?
  4. Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Find Your Dream Audience

Imagine you have a shop, and a customer walks in and buys a lot of products from you. How cool would it be if every single person around the neighborhood who is in need of those very same products somehow got to know about your shop, and all came in to buy those products from you? Magical, wouldn’t you say?

Well, with Facebook Lookalike Audiences, you’re getting something that’s not too far off.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences finds the potential customers who will be the perfect fit for you. This tool learns from the best customers you’ve had, and finds potential customers whose profiles match that of your best customers. Basically, you get to pitch your products or services to the very people who are looking for it – the perfect match.

If your business is looking to get the best out of Facebook marketing, then Facebook Lookalike Audiences is a no-brainer for you. And it’s completely fine if you have little to no idea about this feature. We are here to take you through the best practices when it comes to using Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

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Why Do You Need Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

Very simple. To find your perfect customers.

If you’ve run Facebook ad campaigns, you definitely know that a lot of the advertisement expenditure is spent on people who are not interested in the ads. You don’t even have to run Facebook marketing campaigns; you can simply be on Facebook and notice how many ads you come across that you’re absolutely not interested in.

There are ways to reduce the wastages in ad expenses, of course. However, if you found the exact people that are interested in what you have to offer, then the efficiency of your ad campaigns will increase substantially. With Facebook Lookalike Audiences, you are getting exactly that. With its insane amount of consumer data, Facebook can create extremely accurate groups that fit your requirement. They provide you with the ideal match.

How Do I Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

If you don’t know the process, there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll take you through it.

The first step is to go to your Facebook Ads Manager. From there, you’ll need to select the option “Audiences”. Clicking it, you’ll find the option “Create Audience”. Choose that, and you’ll find the option “Lookalike Audience.”

Now, as you come across “Lookalike Audience”, your focus will be to select a source audience. The source audience can be any particular audience set that you’ve created based on different metrics such as customer information, page fans, etc. The minimum number of source audiences is 100.

The next step will be to choose the region you want for your lookalike audiences. It’s completely up to your wish whichever region you choose. After that, you need to determine the size of the lookalike audience. There is a scale of 1-10. You may not want the audience size to be too large – that may lead to a group of customers that are not quite the perfect fit for your business.

So far, the process can be summarized this way:

Audiences > Create Audiences > Lookalike Audiences > Choose Source Audience > Select Region > Select Desired Audience Size

After you’re done with these steps, you’re good to go. All that’s left to do is to create an ad. For that, go to your Adverts Manager and select Tools. After that, click on “Audiences” to check if Facebook has created your Lookalike Audiences. If it has, then select “Create Advert” to proceed to create your ad for your dream audience.

How to Get the Best Out of Facebook Lookalike Audiences?

It’s one thing to know how to use the feature. It’s a completely different ballgame to know how to use the feature effectively and successfully. Don’t worry, we have some tips that’ll help you make the best of Facebook Lookalike Audiences.

Get Your Source Audience Right

This might just be the most crucial of all the tips. If you fail to get this right, then your Lookalike Audiences will not be very helpful to achieving your goals.

Create your source audience based on what you want to achieve. For example, if you want more people to know about your business, then going for your website visitors may not be the best idea. Using your page fans will be a better strategy in this situation. So, just make sure you’re fully aware of what your goals are when you create your source audience set.

Facebook Lookalike Audience Size: Do Your Experiments

The audience size should not be the same for every campaign that you run. Choosing to do some experiments can come in handy, as with the data you may come to learn the perfect size to find your perfect set of audience.

Use The Features Available Wisely for Custom Audiences

There are loads of features that you can use to create custom audiences. If you plan to run a video-based campaign, then target people who have reacted or engaged in your videos before. There are several other options to explore, such as recent visitors to your website, email audiences, etc.

Choosing Quality Over Quantity

Facebook uses the data you provide them to create your perfect audience. So, there’s no point in giving them an abundance of data if the data does not represent what you need. Your data should have the customer type you seek, not a mixture of customers you’ve had.

Don’t Let Your Audience List Get Stagnant

Stagnancy kills. Or at least when it comes to marketing, it does. If you stick to the audience list you created ages ago, that may well be useless. Keep updating your audience list consistently.

Groups within the Group: Create Tiers and Bid Accordingly

There will be numerous sets of Lookalike Audiences (up to 500) if you choose to create them from a single source audience list. And we suggest that you create at least some segments that don’t overlap. In this way, your campaign is more likely to be effective.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Selecting the Right Regions

The most obvious steps are the ones often overlooked. Selecting the right region is so obvious that it can be very likely that not much thought goes into selecting the region. But you should definitely spend your time selecting your region.

Facebook’s algorithm dictates that similarity is more important than location. So, if you fail to specify the region, chances are your Lookalike Audience will be full of people who can’t even use your offerings from the place they are from.

Use Facebook Lookalike Audiences to Find Your Dream Audience

Facebook Lookalike Audiences definitely has the power to make your dream come true, if you can use it properly. Getting your ads to the people you specifically want to see your ads? You can hardly ask for more.

Since you’ve been with us till this point, why not a bonus? Do you know how easily you can create a lookalike audience using Audience Maker in Markopolo.ai?

We hope that we’ve been able to get you up to scratch with the basics of Facebook Lookalike Audiences. Be sure to check other efficient ways to reach your audience! Now, it’s your turn to give it a go. All the best!

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