Facebook Ads Placement: 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Zakia Sameen Noor


Zakia Sameen Noor


May 12, 2022

Facebook Ads Placement: 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid

As a social media giant, Facebook is one of the best online marketplaces you’ll find. Every day, around 2 billion people use the platform.

Suffice to say, doing e-commerce via Facebook has never been easier. Especially if you do your Facebook ads placement right, i.e. your ads are shown to the right people at the right time and place.

But, if you’re not seeing results, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Besides Ad fatigue, Here are 6 Crucial Mistakes Costing You Your ROAS

You don’t know the exact objective of your business

Here’s a great guide from Facebook itself to help you understand the goals of your business better. According to this list, there are 11 business objectives. Are you here to spread brand awareness by increasing reach? Or are you here to convert your leads into actual customers?

For the former, you would have to make sure your ads are being shown to all your potential customers in your target audience i.e. they see that you’re a brand.

For the latter, you’d have to ensure that there are well-specified CTA options shown in the ads, alongside featured or your most popular products.

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You are confused about your target demographic

The classic mistake in marketing is making your target audience too broad. Facebook having more than 1.5 billion daily active users presents billions of different customer personas.

You have to be calculating and exact in defining your target customer persona. If you’re selling education services to high school students in an urban area, you must be sure that your Facebook ads are not targeted to middle school students in a rural area.

Doing the latter means you’re spending too much for very little value.

Be specific in audience targeting. Think about age, gender, location, education, employment, income level, interests etc.

At the same time, don’t go overboard so that it reduces your audience to a size which is too small for ad targeting. Facebook does keep a check on this. Another reason why you shouldn’t go overboard is that over-targeting will increase your advertising’s CPM.

To help you in defining your target audience, Facebook has several tools. A very handy tool is Facebook Custom Audience. You enter the data you’ve collected on your leads and give it to Facebook who matches the data with user profiles to whom your ads will be targeted.

Another useful tool is the Facebook Lookalike Audience which helps you find new customers by matching new profiles with your existing customers.

The captions are not appropriate for your target audience

Say you’ve figured out your business objective and you’re targeting the right demographic. But, your metrics still show that your Facebook ads placement is doing poorly.

Head over to your captions.

People have short attention spans on social media, especially Facebook. To grab their attention and nudge them into exploring your brand, your captions must be crisp, clear, and succinct. That means, long form captions are out of the question. Nobody has time to read chunks of content.

Facebook has a new tool which sends you a warning if your ad content goes beyond 280 characters. While it is recommended that you don’t, this isn’t a hard-and-fast rule so okay around with it.

Also, it’s very important that you use emojis in your ad copy. Nobody wants to read lengthy text. It’s boring and drab. Using emojis adds a touch of sparkle in content that keeps the user engaged.

If you combine short specific ad copy with emojis, be sure that this content that will keep users captivated to your brand.

Your visual ad content is overused and boring

If you're reusing pictures or graphics for your ads, stop it. Now.

Seeing the same pictures (and even captions) again and again creates ad fatigue. Customers get turned off and ignore your ads. So, you have to be careful that you’re designing new campaigns to target them.

To attract existing customers, you can refresh your current ad campaigns by tweaking your graphics.

Or, you can use the current ad campaigns to target new leads.

For inspiration, check out this creative inspiration board curated by Facebook.

There’s a mismatch between visual ad content and platform

Facebook offers multiple ads and ad platforms.


  • Pictures
  • Slideshows
  • Carousels
  • Collection of feature products
  • Videos

Ad placements:

  • Facebook newsfeeds
  • Facebook stories
  • Messenger stories
  • Instagram
  • Instagram stories, etc.

Now, if you choose to showcase pictures of your bookkeeping services to your potential clients, Instagram stories is not the optimal platform. Users interested only in seeing images of friends, celebrities, fashion, or aesthetic items will flatly ignore your ads.

However, newsfeed ads can be a suitable platform instead.

Thus, to maximize your ROAS, be sure to choose the right ads placement. This is a method that sees success through trial-and-error. Don’t forget to do A/B Testing to figure out the best platforms tailored to your needs.

Here’s an ad placement guideline from Facebook itself.

A pro-tip: if you’re a newbie, you can input your collected data on target demographic to Facebook and let them do automatic placement for you. Analyze the results and from there, customize and choose the next placements for your ads.

You run too many ads at the same time

It may seem productive to run multiple ad campaigns simultaneously to reach a larger audience and make them aware of your brand in a shorter time frame.

But, this is a really bad practice.

Even if your ad campaigns are effective, you will never know which one was the most successful. It’s harder to keep track of your campaigns. Reduced efficiency and higher costs.

Just keep your ad campaigns simple. Analyze a handful of conversions (about 500) before you run another campaign. This will also keep your ad budget in check.

The 6 mistakes elaborated here are a gateway to get the basics of Facebook marketing. The Facebook guides will also help you learn more extensively about optimizing Facebook ads placement. You will of course have to devote a significant amount of time to learn and apply the lessons.

Markopolo.ai can make Facebook ads placement much easier for you. All you have to do is give the software with your objectives and targets. The AI-powered software will automatically choose the best placements for you. No more painstaking research. No more time loss for setting up different campaigns for different brands.

As easy as that!

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