Ensure Effective Ad Campaigns 2022

Nadia Alam Borsha


Nadia Alam Borsha


May 1, 2022

Ensure Effective Ad Campaigns 2022

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Social media advertising has become one of the key elements for your business’s success. And as people become more dependent on social media day by day it has now become an inseparable part of marketing. Not only can you create brand awareness but it also helps you reach your target customers with more in depth insight on your ideal target.

With the right steps social media ad campaigns can solidify brand sentiments as they have an impact on how your target customer views or thinks about your brand, whether it's as more compassionate, trustworthy, or inventive.

Statistics show that almost 54% of people on social media use it to research products and about 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations on social media. Not to mention social media ad campaigns can be really helpful for start up business’s science it's a very cost efficient way of marketing.

Here are Some Tips to Run Effective Ad Campaigns!

Know your customers

Different businesses have customers with different tastes, views and social media presence. So to run a successful ad campaign ads must be prepared keeping their tastes in mind.

Choose the right social media platform

This is a very important part of a campaign. Because the popularity of each platform can always vary from time to time. Just like Facebook usage among teens is dropping gradually.

While 71% of teens claimed to use the platform in 2015, the number has now dropped to 67% while Instagram and Tiktok are gaining more users everyday. However if you're targeting adults, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter might be good for your objective.

Create the right content

Contents that people can emotionally relate to helps you get loyal customers. Different contents have different impacts on the audience. 85% of marketers rank short-form videos as the most effective type of social media content.

Based on the social media platform, choosing the right content for ads can be the key to your campaigns success.

If you don’t create content yourself, you can always curate!

Analyze and optimize

After creating and launching the content it's time to evaluate! Your content will compete with other ads targeting the same demographic in social media advertising, which is based on auction pricing. So it is important to see how customers respond to your ads and then optimize your campaign according to the data. If your ad doesn't seem to be reaching the right people, try widening your target audience. Change the headline if the number of link clicks is minimal.

Use AI social media marketing manager

Using AI technology for ad campaigns is a splendid idea. Not only can it create thousands of creative ads based on your demand but also helps you analyze and manage your campaign. Using

AI is becoming more popular as it is effective and saves both time and money. Markopolo.AI, Madgicx, Qwaya, Revealbot etc have some of the best AI marketing tools. These can help you manage ads with ease.

Epic Social Media Ad Campaign Examples for You to Learn From

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

With the rise of the charity-focused "Ice bucket challenge" in 2014, a new wave of challenge videos began. The goal was to pour a bucket of ice on your head in a social media video to show support for ALS research.

Once you'd completed it, you'd dare your friends to do it as well, which helped the campaign gain traction. Even almost all of the famous celebrities participated in this campaign. The project raised enough awareness to result in a $220 million rise in research funding worldwide.

What made it successful:

Due to a combination of competitiveness, social media pressure, online narcissism and low participation barrier it made People want to participate in this challenge. It didn't take more than ice, bucket, water and a camera for participation. The challengers themselves were promoting the campaign science they were challenging other people and they had to participate due to peer pressure. Overall it was easy, fun and for a good cause.

Always #LikeAGirl :

The 2014 #LikeAGirl campaign from feminine hygiene brand Always was hailed as "a game-changer in the feminist movement." The hashtag was created to boost girls' confidence while also removing the negative connotations associated with the phrase "like a girl ".

The initial minute-long commercial aired for the rest of the year, followed by a television spot for the 2015 Super Bowl and a special commercial for International Women's Day. Always sales increased by double digits as a result of the campaign, and it was the only film to win a D&AD "Black Pencil" for "Creativity for Good."

What made it successful :

The campaign encouraged girls to view "Like a Girl" as a positive statement that encourages positive change in the world. It has brought together women and girls from all around the world to reclaim that term and showcase what women are truly capable of.

Apple #ShotOniPhone :

The campaign was developed to highlight the phone's new camera, with no mention of the device's other features. Photos from 77 users from 25 countries and 73 cities were included. iPhone 6 users were encouraged to use the hashtag "Shot on iPhone" to share their best shots on social media.

The catalyst was user discontent with the camera quality of previous iPhone editions; as a result, Apple responded to the criticism by launching this campaign, which provided visual proof of the new iPhone edition's photography capabilities.

What made it successful:

With the "Shot on iPhone" campaign, Apple advanced the concept of content marketing even farther. Apple used user-generated content in the form of photographs and short movies rather than creating material for their customers. The customers loved interacting with their favorite brand. This made the campaign into a trend!

It is important to observe and learn from the successful. But there are no exact  written rules on how to manage an ad campaign precisely for your business.   These tips are to help you along the way. Find out what works for you. Be unique, be creative!

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