Basics of POC Marketing

Zakia Sameen Noor


Zakia Sameen Noor


May 14, 2022

Basics of POC Marketing

Table of Contents:

  1. What is POC Marketing?
  2. Why is POC Marketing Important?
  1. How to Conduct POC Marketing?
  2. Real-life Example of POC Marketing:

Imagine you’ve identified a gap in the market and have formed a plausible business idea. While it can be exciting to dream about making abundant profits from your new business or bringing about a transformational change in the economic landscape, that is not how you go about it in real life.

You need to first test your idea and see if the product (no matter how innovative it is) is ready to be accepted by your future customers. In other words, you need to check if your market timing is correct.

This is where POC marketing steps in.

What is POC Marketing?

POC means Proof of Concept. It is basically a validation of your ideation as a real-life business product. A successful POC means your product is ready to proceed to the commercialization stage. POC can be a product demo, a brochure, a slide presentation, anything.

When you do POC marketing this way, you get double benefits: collecting feedback and spreading brand awareness.

Why is POC Marketing Important?

Shows the credibility of your idea to investors

If you’re a business newbie and need funds, you need to show your potential investors that they will not be wasting their time and money on you. Your POC shows them that you have thought through the whole process of getting to the commercialization stage i.e. your idea is feasible for them to invest in you. You will also learn about the financial viability of your idea.

Collect insights for improvement

Your first idea may not be the optimal business solution. The more people you show your POC to like managers, job-holders, potential customers, loved ones, the more feedback you collect that will identify the blind spots and areas needed for improvement.

You will also understand the necessary iterations needed to make it market-fit. The constant evaluation will help you be better educated on your competitors, go-to-market strategies, customer pain points, etc to develop the optimal product.

Base for product development

There are three stages of product development: ideation, proof of concept, prototype. A successful POC validates your prototype, which visualizes how your idea works in practical life. The more feedback you incorporate into your proof of concept, the more evolved your product prototype will be.

Making future customers aware of your upcoming brand

Collecting customer feedback on your proof of concept sends the word out there that you care about them and will add value to their lives through your product. Plus, incorporating their insights into the product development process builds trust and credibility - the groundwork of creating a loved brand. You even get to onboard customers to your business.

How to Conduct POC Marketing

Conducting a POC test involves answering several metrics:

  1. Does my product actually solve a customer’s relevant pain point?
  2. What is its functioning capacity? Is it easy to set up? Also, is it convenient to use? Compared to other similar products?
  3. Who are the stakeholders of my product?
  4. Who will be the team behind creating this product?
  5. What kind of inputs and technology will be needed in the production process?
  6. How feasible is my product in different scenarios? What issues and successes are identified in each scenario? Can the issues be tackled?
  7. How durable is the product in different situations? Does it have to be replaced or repaired frequently?
  8. How much can I afford to produce this?

If you’re interested to learn more about how to conduct a proof of concept for your business (especially if it’s SaaS or tech-related), check out this piece here.

Real-life Example of POC Marketing: CEO Tasbin Tasfia is a big believer in the fact that businesses exist to solve pain points. This is what does by empowering small and medium enterprises to do their own digital marketing via AI without relying on external help - that too by saving a lot of expenses.

It’s a unique solution to a common problem. But the idea wasn’t a sudden lightbulb moment for Tasfia. A keen problem-solver whose motto is to do things fast and efficiently, Tasfia worked for a handful of top tech companies where she also did consulting work for SMEs and startups.

Her experience and ability led her to identify the problem these businesses suffered from - external dependence on marketing agencies which involved lots of time consuming communication, expenses, and lack of control. In came co-founder and COO Rubaiyat Farhan, and was born.

Although the software is sophisticated and powerful enough to produce 10 variants of captions for one caption title, this was not a week’s worth of work. Since the beginning of their journey, the team has kept constant one-to-one communication with their initial users from different industries.

From this, they get active user feedback on how to improve the software further. From their POC exhibition, they understood the need to include AI technology in their software so that they can provide a complete 360 degrees digital marketing solution to their customers i.e. content creation, ad generation, marketing automation, campaign management, you name it.

In short, POC Marketing of Markopolo to myriads of diverse users, investors, and marketing experts has been instrumental in them becoming established as a serious player in the market. Till now, they have served over 5000 businesses and was even the fourth product of the day when it was launched on Product Hunt. This is a monumental milestone for a startup that’s just two years’ old.

One thing to note about the POC is that this is not a deliverable but merely a visualization of the feasibility of the planned deliverable.

Yes, it can be costly and time consuming. A lot of brainwork and collaboration is involved.

But, if you’re serious about getting your business idea off the ground, it is critical you do all the hard work necessary. The more educated you become about the potential pitfalls as well as the market opportunities, the higher will be the quality of your product, alongside creating legions of fans. A high-quality product that fulfills all your customer requirements beats any other competitor who’ll try to emulate yours.

POC Marketing will get you there.

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