AdRoll vs Criteo: Which One Is the Perfect Fit for You?

Asif Mahmud


Asif Mahmud


May 1, 2022

AdRoll vs Criteo: Which One Is the Perfect Fit for You?

Table of Contents:

  1. AdRoll: An Overview
  2. Criteo: An Overview
  3. AdRoll vs Criteo: Which is the Better Financial Option?
  4. AdRoll vs Criteo: Comparison of Features
  5. The Final Call

Your website may have a lot of visitors on a regular basis. However, of all your new visitors, just 2% get converted. That’s exactly why retargeting is so important in this day and age. And that’s where platforms like Criteo and AdRoll come in.

Don't get us wrong, none of Criteo and AdRoll is below-par platforms. In fact, these two are among the best platforms you can get, especially when it comes to retargeting. However, one platform can work wonders for others but may not serve your specific purpose. And that’s why you need to conduct proper research to compare the platforms you’ve considered to understand which one is the best one for you.

Seems like a time-consuming task? Well, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered!

We discuss the pros and cons of both Criteo and AdRoll in this article so that it becomes easier for you to take the decision. We will also shed light on the specific areas that these platforms specialize in. So, let’s dive in!

AdRoll: An Overview

AdRoll is one of the best digital marketing platforms available, specializing in retargeting. AdRoll helps e-commerce brands elevate to new levels. With the help of this platform, you can reach your customers from any end of the world. Its incredible machine learning analytics ensures relevant advertisements are placed in front of potential customers with excellent accuracy. In terms of retargeting, AdRoll may well have the best features available, with access to sites that even Google can’t reach.

However, AdRoll is much more than a retargeting tool. AdRoll is currently positioning itself as an all-in-one marketing solution. The platform offers email campaigns, consent management, UTM tracking etc., becoming a very effective marketing tool. The wide array of online advertisement options that AdRoll offers is incredible too.

Criteo: An Overview

Criteo is the market leader in terms of dynamic retargeting. You can use retargeting display ads with Criteo. Criteo focuses a lot on individual retargeting, staying with the customer from the initial visit to the very end.

Criteo provides a lot of solutions to different requirements that your business might have. If you need to boost traffic, increase the number of app installations, or increase sales – you can definitely depend on Criteo to save the day. Criteo allows you to create and post static, video, and mobile app advertisements with great ease. Overall, Criteo offers you a wide range of solutions, which is why it’s totally understandable why the platform is so popular.

AdRoll vs Criteo: Which is the Better Financial Option?

Marketing or remarketing – everything comes down to money. If you’re earning more, the pain is worth it. That is why knowing what you’ll have to spend for using each of these platforms will play a crucial role in determining your final decision. So, let’s take a look at what the pricings are for AdRoll and Criteo.

Pricing: AdRoll

AdRoll uses a dynamic pricing model in its pricing model. Unlike Google Ads, which uses a PPC pricing model, AdRoll, in general, uses a CPM model for retargeting. You'll have to pay a set amount for every 1000 impressions on the advertisement you launch. AdRoll’s ROAS Calculator will help you understand how much you will have to spend, with the return you can expect to get.

For AdRoll’s marketing solutions, there are different subscription models. There is a free version, the Starter Plan. There are also two paid plans: you’ll have to spend $9 per month for the Essentials Plan, while $19 per month for the Pro Plan.

Pricing: Criteo

In terms of providing marketing solutions, there is no free trial with Criteo, nor is there a subscription model available. If you are looking to use the marketing solutions that Criteo has to offer, you’ll need to contact Criteo for a quote. However, if you want to join Criteo Partners, it’s completely free.

In terms of digital advertisement, Criteo has a different pricing model compared to AdRoll. Criteo uses the CPC pricing model, which means you’ll be charged for each time someone clicks your advertisement.

AdRoll vs Criteo: Comparison of Features

Criteo and AdRoll offer some similar features. However, many of their features are vastly different. Both the platforms specialize in different areas. So, it’s more prudent to look through the features they offer before making the final call.

Features: Criteo

Criteo mainly focuses on dynamic retargeting display ads. With Criteo, you can create both static and video ads. What’s most impressive is that you can create these ads with the greatest of ease. Criteo offers different types of ads, such as image ads, video ads, cube ads, showcase, slider, 360, story, app installation etc.

Criteo also offers a lot of other solutions, such as generating web traffic. It will help you in acquiring customers. Moreover, with the analytics dashboard that Criteo provides, you can find highly useful insights that will come in handy in your future strategies.

Features: AdRoll

AdRoll thrives in the field of retargeting. With AdRoll, you'll have the potential to target 98% of the internet. AdRoll also offers a plethora of advanced options when it comes to retargeting, such as customer segmentation, geo-targeting etc.

However, AdRoll is not merely about retargeting. AdRoll will help you with dynamic display ads, as well as with social media ads. AdRoll is even an official partner of Facebook. Along with that, you can launch personalized email campaigns, customized audience builders, and utilize the cross-channel performance dashboard. AdRoll is indeed a great tool to have with an incredible range of solutions.

The Final Call

It is not prudent to consider one platform superior over the other overall. Criteo and AdRoll both offer a wide range of solutions, while having their specific specializations. One might argue that AdRoll seems to provide a broader range of features. However, that may well not be the case for your particular business.

So, consider your budget, goals, and requirements and choose the platform that makes the perfect fit. And if you’re looking for more platforms similar to AdRoll, you can look into this article. We hope you find the perfect platform for your business!

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