Adding Product Reviews to Shopify: Take Your Ecommerce Website to the Next Level

Asif Mahmud


Asif Mahmud


May 17, 2022

Adding Product Reviews to Shopify: Take Your Ecommerce Website to the Next Level

Table of Contents:

  1. Reviews on Shopify: Is Adding Them Worth It?
  2. Adding Reviews: How Do I Do It?
  1. How to Add Review Stars to the Collection Page

89% ecommerce customers go through reviews before making a purchase.

84% of the online customers keep the same faith in online reviews as they do in recommendations from someone they know.

If you’re reading this article, you are looking to add a review section to your Shopify shop. And frankly, that’s not surprising. According to reports, reviews on their own can increase your sales by 18%. And if the reviews are given by users, like reviews at your Shopify store, they can lead to a staggering 133% uplift in sales!

The benefits are so overwhelming that not adding a review section to your Shopify store will be simply making way for your competitors to get ahead of you. But, how do you add a review section to your Shopify store, and how do you manage it?

That’s where we step in.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guideline as to how you can add a review section to your Shopify store. We will also provide some suggestions regarding how you can manage the review section to get the best out of it. So, let’s give it a go!

Reviews on Shopify: Is Adding Them Worth It?

Why are we asking this question despite so many benefits that reviews offer? Well, it’s because adding the review section involves a lot more than making some tweaks in your settings. You must be ready to commit to come up with plans to make the customers leave reviews.

There are several plans that generally work great. Automated email workflows do a wonderful job, as well as manual ones. You can also arrange notes in shipment packages, handwritten or printed. Social media outreach is something you simply can’t ignore. You can also consider using newsletters or other such email marketing strategies to reach out to customers, requesting them to leave reviews.

Reviews will definitely come in handy if you receive enough of them. However, if you’re not receiving enough reviews, the it can be a good idea to get rid of the feature. If your product has only a few reviews, it can actually work against your intentions. And it goes without saying that adding fake reviews is out of the question.

Adding Reviews: How Do I Do It?

The process of adding reviews is not too difficult. We are breaking down the process step-by-step.

Visit the Shopify App Store

As you’re a Shopify shop owner, you must be aware of the Shopify apps page. The first step is to go to the top right-hand corner. There, you’ll find a rectangular box that allows you to visit the Shopify App Store. Click that box to visit the app store.

Search “Product Reviews” in the Search Bar

As you visit the Shopify app store, you’ll find a search bar straight away. Search the phrase “product reviews”. Then, select the suggested option.

Installing the App: Shopify Product Reviews

When you search for product reviews, you’ll land straight to the Product Reviews app by Shopify. Now, you need to install the Product Reviews app. Just click on the button, and you’re good to go!

The Main Part: Adding the Product Reviews App to the Shopify Product Page

As you’ve installed the app, the main part is done. Now you’ll need to set it up. And a little bit of coding is involved in this stage.

Now, go to the apps page. There, select Product Reviews, and then go to Settings. From Settings, select Installation Instructions.

Once you select Installation Instructions, you’ll find a code provided in the clipboard. You need to copy the code. The next step is to click on the link that states: sections/product-template-liquid.

Now, you’re presented with the html code that will allow you to add reviews to your product page. From the code, you have to find the text product.description.

How do you find it? For Windows OS, you can click ctrl + F. If you’re using a Mac, you can hit command + F. After that, a search tab will appear. There, search for the text: product.description.

You may want to add the ratings right under the product description. To do so, just use right click and paste the code below product description.

By now, your work is more or less done. Return to your product description page. Hit refresh. And voila! You’ll find the Customer Product Reviews available under the product description.

How to Add Review Stars to the Collection Page

If you want to go a step further and add review stars on your Shopify collections page, we have you covered there as well!

With review stars in the collections page, customers will be able to see the rating of a particular product before they choose to view the product itself. This option can come in super handy.  There’s always a chance that a customer will stumble upon a product that has really good reviews – and then the customer may be interested to check the product out. In the end, you have a higher possibility of making a sale.

So, how to go about it? Return to the product reviews installation page. There, scroll down to the section that states “Optionally add star ratings badge to your collection pages.” Then, press the “show instructions” option.

After that, you’ll find a code generated at the clipboard for you to copy. After copying the code, go to the link: snippets/product-grid-item.liquid and visit the page where you’ll edit the html for the collections page.

In case the intended page fails to appear, don’t worry. There are snippets in the left-hand pane, if you go through them, you’ll find the product-card-grid.

Search for product-price, and paste the line just above the product price. Click save, and you’re done!

We sure hope you’ve been able to add the review section to your Shopify store. If you are looking for more such ways to improve your Shopify store, do visit our blogs for e-commerce tips and strategies. All the best!

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