8 Social Media Management Tools To Boost Your Business

Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Aqueb Safwan Jaser


Apr 27, 2022

8 Social Media Management Tools To Boost Your Business

The digital world is booming with billions of users from all over the world, a myriad of content every single day, and businesses that want to stay relevant. But just being present in the social sphere isn’t enough, unfortunately.

From engaging with your customers to brainstorming content ideas, your business needs to do them all. Yet, you have your limitations and sometimes, it might get a bit exhausting. Eventually, you would feel you are all over the place.

To keep your business on track, we have here 8 social media management tools. With their wonderful qualities, you would find your business keeping pace with the digital race.

Sprinklr Social Cloud - Interact With Your Customers, Effectively

One of Sprinklr’s assortment of products, Sprinklr Social Cloud allows enterprises to make a powerful connection with their customers on over 25 social channels. It enables them to reach their customers, listen to their issues, and understand their pain points and what works best for them and what does not.

In this way, they create an ever-lasting relationship with their customers who in turn value their services and products. This is all done at a very cost-effective approach.

Oktopost - The Go-To Management Platform For B2B Enterprise

Oktopost specifically caters to the social media management activities of enterprises. It is a tool that helps in handling their social media platforms, particularly, focused on such B2B marketers who aim to gather leads by the means of social media.

This social media tool also comes in handy when they want to evaluate the strategies, execution, and many other efforts they invested online. Be it just social media management, or employee advocacy, Oktopost provides B2B marketers with everything they require.


Falcon.io - The Bird’s Eye View For All Social Media Marketer

Falcons, as we know, are birds of prey. Honestly, the tool we are going to discuss next is no different. Falcon.io provides holistic solutions to your social media platforms. It allows you to manage the platforms, build a relationship with your customers by engaging with them, analyze your business’s performance, and also, provide you with a DIY landing page builder. As a social media marketer, there isn’t much you could have asked for. So, with Falcon.io, let your business soar away!

HubSpot - When Marketing Meets Dynamism

As a social media marketer, you may be single-handedly managing all the social channels while creating content and then later, clicking one tool after another to analyze them. But wouldn’t it be super awesome if you could do all these in one single platform? Of course, it would be.

Thanks to HubSpot, you can integrate your social media tactics, email marketing strategies, CRM, and SEO without having to shift elsewhere. But that’s not all, you need to make an analysis of your activities, right? In order to understand whether your approach is working or not.

Particularly, which channel turned out to be more effective for your business and so forth and so forth. Well, HubSpot lets you do even that. You can track your results in various social media channels and analyze your social ROI, thoroughly understanding what step to take next.

HubSpot home page

Likeable Hub - Social Media Marketing Made Easy

Generating ideas isn’t as easy it seems. It’s not like you have the opportunity to enjoy a lakeside view or a picturesque view of the hills to strike an inspiration or two. It takes a lot of brainstorming but sometimes, unfortunately, even hours of racking your brain leads to nothing. But you want immediate results, right?

Considering how fast-paced everything has become, why should your business stay behind? Likeable Hub can present you with over thousands of content ideas and not only that it can also help you gather leads and referrals.

Moreover, through Likeable, you can augment your reach on social media and amplify your online presence. The coolest part about all these is it doesn’t even take much effort!

Hootsuite - When Marketing Makes The Loudest Noise!

Hootsuite is perhaps the gigantic social media management tool out there. It’s not just a statement. Even the numbers have to say something on this. More than 15 million users utilize Hootsuite and over 800 of the Fortune 1000 companies have a great liking for this tool.

Now, that says something, right? But what’s so special about Hootsuite?

Generally, catered toward small-to-medium businesses, Hootsuite offers everything you need in an effective social media management tool. You can curate and then schedule your abundant content, run social media ads, and then see how they are performing by measuring your social ROI. Furthermore, you can also keep track of innumerable social accounts and keywords.

Hootsuite home page


Markopolo.ai’s software enables users to concentrate on the other important aspects of their business while it takes care of campaign planning, A/B testing, creative and copy generation, ad spending optimization, and even going as far as to schedule the ads.

The state-of-the-art software ensures everything is set before publishing and even maintains the courtesy of awaiting the user’s permission. Once the user gives the go-ahead, the software publishes the ad on the selected platforms.

Furthermore, it might not always be easy to think of a cool creative or copy. During such times, Markopolo does this mind-boggling job for you. You can modify the visual or copy according to your choice.

Sprout Social - Building A Meaningful Relationship With Your Customer

Just like Hootsuite, Sprout Social also provides you with the awesome opportunity to handle several social media tools on just one platform. That, of course, includes social media content curation, scheduling, analyzing, etc. But there is something else that makes Sprout Social a little bit different from Hootsuite.

As it happens, Sprout Social is one of the very few social media management tools, where you can find customer relationship management (CRM) features. Naturally, you would want to know your customers better, see what problems they are facing, what unique characteristics they have, and so forth.

Thankfully, Sprout Social lets you build a detailed profile of your customers, so you better understand their needs and wants, and serve them, accordingly.

Building a meaningful relationship with your customers isn’t the only thing that makes Sprout Social so unique. It also creates these wonderful reports. They are so elaborate and most importantly, wonderful to look at that, marketers have them delivered to their managers or clients without the need for editing anything.

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