5 Steps to Successfully Work From Home

Senin Chowdhury


Senin Chowdhury


May 17, 2022

5 Steps to Successfully Work From Home

When lockdowns first began, working from home seemed to be one of the better aspects of the whole situation. Not having to wake up at dawn to get dressed and spend hours commuting only to spend more hours at the office. Being able to work from the comfort of your own home sounded like a great deal. A year later, it doesn't have the same feeling. It's tiring and mentally draining. It’s harder to stay motivated in an environment that is filled with distractions.

Being at the top of your game, even if it's from home doesn't have to be as bad. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 strategies you can apply in your life to boost your productivity and achieve your goals faster. SCHEDULING KEEPS YOU ON TRACK!

Having a schedule can help you be more aware of your deadlines, assignments, and meetings. Following a well-made schedule can be very helpful if you tend to procrastinate and end up cramping all your work right before the deadline. The idea behind effective scheduling is that you can identify and allocate your free time to utilize strategically.

You can make your schedule on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis depending on what suits you. Maintaining a proper schedule will tone down the habit of wasting time. Although, it's important to incorporate breaks and off-days in it. Try avoiding setting up unrealistic goals which will only end up frustrating you. A simple pen-on-paper schedule works well, and here's how you can start yours. If you're someone who would prefer a digital version, apps like Google Calendar, Edo Agenda, and Trello work great.


Staying home all the time has shifted the daily routines of the majority dramatically. People are staying up late and waking up even later. If you’re one of those people who are struggling to be active during the usual office hours, ask yourself if you're getting enough sleep. If you’re forcing yourself to work at a certain time that is considered “normal” and sacrificing a good night's rest, it's very unlikely that you will be able to concentrate.

Try identifying the times of the day when you’re most active. It's okay to be a night owl and start working at 8 pm, as long as you're not missing deadlines. Making your work schedule around your most productive hours can allow you to get the most work done in the least stressful way possible.


Working from home is more demanding than working in an office space. People are being given additional responsibilities due to job cuts, lack of sales, etc because of the pandemic. Online communication isn't as smooth as in-person meetings. So it's essential that you make the process of working as easy as possible, and incorporating AI toolkits and planners can aid with that. Here are a few suggestions:

  • TRELLO: Trello is a game-changing tracker tool perfect for you and your co-workers to collaborate. The platform has a simple yet versatile board system where you can put in your to-dos and move them to the “done” board after and so on. It also lets you see each other's progress in real-time, assign tasks to others, and so forth. It is free to use but has a paid version for accessing extra features. The app works both on mobile and desktop.
  • SLACK: Slack is a communication tool dedicated to working spaces. The app allows seamless and organized conversations, voice and video calls. Every project’s data is saved so you can look back if needed.
  • MARKOPOLO.AI: Markopolo.ai is a Marketing Assistant that generates completed ad campaigns, creatives, and copies for placement on multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon, and more for any business. The cloud-hosted software, powered by GPT-3 technology can schedule your posts, write copy and save you hours of manual work.
  • CONFLUENCE: Confluence is another smart collaboration tool that can help you and your team to stay organized and in structure. It allows teams to store and arrange data and documents so it's accessible to every member. Their pricing starts for free and scales up for the standard and premium version.
  • INTERCOM: Intercom is a business messenger tool kit. The company believes in building relationships with your customers by offering business messengers, chatbots, live chat, product tours, and a lot more.


Your environment has an impact on your ability to work. If you're working in an area that is filled with distractions, you are likely going to take more breaks and spend more time on those breaks.

Your workspace can be a separate room or a desk in your bedroom. For most people, an aesthetically pleasing work area makes them more enthusiastic about working. You can customize your area with lights, motivational quotes, and vision boards. You can make your own in applications such as Canva, Picsart, etc. Compartmentalizing work and home areas can help you to be aware and create a formal environment for yourself that helps you concentrate and take work more seriously.


Time management techniques can be greatly helpful if implied properly. The Pomodoro technique is a popular time management method developed by an Italian scientist, Francesco Cirillo. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals of focus and rest, each interval is called a Pomodoro, Italian for tomato. Named in ode to the tomato-shaped timer the scientist used in his university days.

The method works well for maximizing productivity and focus by creating a sense of urgency with the timer then the 5-minute break allows you to rewind without losing your flow. Completing a full cycle creates the feeling of added accomplishment while a 30-minute break works as a reward. You are more likely to be enthusiastic about working to earn that time for yourself.


We're all tired of working from home. Trying to concentrate on a project with kids screaming and pets running around in the background seems like an impossible task, but staying home is the responsible thing to do. With the right techniques and tools, things can get easier to manage and make working from home enjoyable.

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