5 Cool Alternatives to Revealbot

Zakia Sameen Noor


Zakia Sameen Noor


May 14, 2022

5 Cool Alternatives to Revealbot

There is no doubt that Revealbot is one of the best social media ads management tools you’ll come across. With its superbly smooth AI-automated workflow and all-in-one integration of Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok ads management, it is no wonder that Revealbot is one of the best deals in the market.

However, the hefty price of $99 a month can be a downer for the potential users. At the same time, using Revealbot may seem difficult to use for first-timers.

But, not to worry. In this article, we shall explore 5 cool alternatives to Revealbot that can still get your work done. Maybe at even a lower price!


Adespresso is a great starting ads management tool for solopreneurs and SMEs. Even Hubspot and Microsoft are fans.

One of its primary benefits is that users can seamlessly automate their Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads from one platform. Adespresso enables easy and customizable visualization of the marketing analytics. Marketers can easily convert these findings into a PDF format with just one click.

It is easier to sync CRM (like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Hubspot) and email marketing tools with Adespresso. It also lets users generate dynamic ad targeting.

Moreover, using Adespressp starts at only $49 a month with a 14-week free trial. For a beginner, this undoubtedly offers great bang for money.

However, experienced marketers may be disappointed with the lack of choices for customization marketing campaigns that Revealbot offers. Adespresso also does not offer integration with Shopify.


The award-winning software Adzooma is one of the best PPC software tools you’ll come across. Whether advertising online on Facebook, Microsoft, or Google - it has you covered. Users can easily navigate on Adzooma, automating their multiple campaigns in one place with fewer clicks.

In fact, the technology in Adzooma is so powerful that it can analyze the performance of your campaigns and will give you custom reports. As a cool Revealbot alternative, Adzooma will give you 28 templated rules for Google and Microsoft, alongside 25 templated rules for Facebook. Revealbot only offers 5 for Google and 3 for Snapchat.

Unlike the other tools mentioned here, Adzooma is completely free. Only when you want to elevate your business to the next level, might Adzooma Plus with its advanced features be suitable for you. This will be £69 a month.

However, if you want to write commands with greater precision that will generate automation closer to your intended results, then Revealbot may be a more optimal choice.


Branded as the “All-in-One Autonomous Omnichannel Ad Optimization Platform for Paid Ads”, Madgicx is another platform that optimizes ad-budgets for users. AI technology is the beating heart of Madgicx.

This means that users don’t always have to build their marketing campaigns. All they have to do is provide their KPIs and targets. The AI does the work for them 24/7. It also creates multiple audiences throughout the several advertising funnels, enabling users see how the audience response is to the marketing campaigns generated. Madgix also does detailed analysis of performance metrics so that businesses can make more informed decisions.

While the primary focus of this Revealbot alternative is Facebook and Google, Madgicx plans to extend to other social media platforms.

Established in 2018, Madgix has already worked for over 80,000 enterprises. They control 9% of Facebook’s total revenue. Madgicx has also been named as a 2022 Google Premier Partner. This is a renowned program where Google offers mentoring to the top-performing digital marketing partners of Google.

Furthermore, using Madgicx starts at only $49 a month, with a 7-day free trial. Given its rich features and low budget, Madgicx is a compelling ads management tool for any user.

On the other hand, Revealbot too shares many features with Madgicx. Some users prefer Revealbot over Madgicx for the former’s extensive library of automation tactics with which they can play around with.


An essential component of advertising is content marketing. This is crucial in building a long-term brand value and customer relationship. With the various social media platforms around, it’s difficult and time consuming to keep track of social media management: what to write, how to analyze, when to post, etc.

SocialBee takes care of all these.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, and TikTok - you name it.

First-time users will find an intuitive interface. Advertisers running multiple campaigns on a large scale will be pleased by the category-based system of scheduling posts. They will also like the ability to edit bulk content and to schedule easily on cross platforms. Apart from these, Social Bee also offers content queuing and recycling, as well as SEO-optimized article-writing.

Pricing varies based on who will be using the services. For solopreneurs, it starts at $19 a month. For startups and small businesses, pricing is $39 a month. All in all, each pricing offers great value for the budget.

However, Social Bee does not offer the integrated marketing automation that Revealbot does on a much bigger scale.


Business owners new to the world of digital marketing but who want an omnichannel platform to perfect their sales funneling and SEO-optimization are bound to love DropFunnels. Myriads of customer reviews stand by DropFunnels’ mission statement of being built for “speed and scale”.

Basically, DropFunnels will build a website, form a sales funnel, and integrate an SEO blog for longterm branding. This saves time and the hassle of adding separate tools like ClickFunnels.

Pricing starts at $97 a month with a 14-day trial period. While the price may seem expensive at first glance, it is the price of one for a website, a sales funnel, and an SEO blog.

However, DropFunnels does not do marketing automation and lacks a lot of attributes that Revealbot offers.

Bonus! Markopolo.ai

Markopolo.ai is one of the new SaaS tools making marketing automation accessible and affordable. With the the amazing tools that come with it, marketers can easily create any copy and creative needed for an ad, have a content calendar with scheduling, have 24/7 optimization and monitor in a comprehensive dashboard. All these can be done for multiple brands - without having to switch between platforms!

Digital advertising has never been more time and cost efficient with various packages provided by Markopolo. Depending on marketing needs and convenience, anybody can choose the best fit to start taking their business to the top with minimal effort.

These cool alternatives to Revealbot are some of the best social media ads management tools for any business owner. Each is specialized for certain functions. And, each has its own drawbacks.

Ultimately, choosing the best ads management software depends on what kind of business you’re operating, your current budget, and at which stage of growth you’re in. Your business needs may also be different if you’re a solopreneur versus if you’re an agency.

But, these Revealbot alternatives is definitely a great starting point to find out which one is the optimal solution for you.

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