3 Best Alternatives To Smartly.io: Save Time & Resources With Ad Automation

Shaikh Nahian


Shaikh Nahian


Apr 27, 2022

3 Best Alternatives To Smartly.io: Save Time & Resources With Ad Automation

Within 2025, the number of people worldwide using social media is expected to grow from 3.6 billion to 4.4 billion. Which means it's not going to be long before more than half the earth's population are scrolling away on their social media feeds.

27% of social media users all over the world, say they use social media platforms for their primary research when buying products. This figure, of course, varies with age and region of the world. But in almost every global region, ads on social media are more prominent when it comes to brand discovery than anywhere else on the internet.

Ad spending on social media is increasing globally, and for good reason. Who'd be coconuts enough to miss out on advertising where over 3.6 billion people hang out regularly? But the feeds are saturated with an overwhelming number of social media ads, so standing out is key if you want your audiences engaged.

Launching and managing multiple complex and high-profile social media ad campaigns can be super difficult and time-consuming. For your ad campaigns to succeed in engaging target audience and increase conversion, you'd need to be an expert at marketing and design and technology. And this is where paid social media automation platforms like Smartly.io come in.

Smartly.io is an ad automation platform that lets you automate every steps of  social advertising . Marketers can create, test, distribute, and iterate upon their social ad operations using it. It also comes integrated with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat- all the big guys. This lets you handle omnichannel ad operations from a single dashboard, making everything so much easier.

Is Smartly.io the right fit for you?

Smartly requires you to have a 50k minimum ad spend, and the platform fee is charged as a percentage of it. They provide a very robust and extensive service and they have made sure the pricing reflects that. For SMBs and startups working with thinner budgets, a minimum monthly spend requirement along with a platform fee is too much an expense to justify. Smartly is more geared towards large scale brands anyway.

Smartly.io home page

Also, Smartly comes with quite an extensive list of features, another reason for the expensive pricing. It might be too extensive for some clients- who don't need as many features. Using this platform would be unwise in such cases- you'll end up paying for features that you don't necessarily need and are not even using.

So we went ahead, did some digging, and came up with some Smartly.io alternatives for you to check out. This will help you in your mission of finding the right ad automation platform for your brand.


Madgicx is an omnichannel marketing platform that helps you optimize ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. They have an AI engine for analyzing and evaluating ads.

Madgicx comes with its standout AI Audiences feature, that claims to analyze audiences and choose the ads with the best possible ROAS. Madgicx lets you manage all your ad accounts at once using the dashboard. You can use this dashboard to get an overview of all your ad accounts. It is also a self-service ad platform, so you will possibly be saving some time managing your social ads.

Now onto the shortcomings of Madgicx.

It isn’t easy to set up, and there's a steep learning curve. It does not include a bunch of features that Smartly provides. For example, you cannot automate your workflows in Madgicx. Also, you cannot generate creatives in Madgicx. This can be a deal-breaker for some.

You'll still need to use Facebook Ads Manager and Business Manager to set up ads. This is not good if the user is an agency handling multiple client accounts or brands with huge amounts of products.

Madgicx home page

Now, let's talk prices. Madgicx is probably the one for you if you don't plan on spending heavy. For an ad spend up to $1k/month with an estimated fee of $49/month- this gives Madgicx an edge over Smartly. They also offer monthly, quarterly and annual plans, which reduces the estimated fee. Madgicx offers a seven-day free trial as well.


Another alternative that's popular to small and mid level businesses, is WordStream.

It's a cloud-based advertising management solution that allows advertisers to manage all campaigns running on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads through a single dashboard.

They came up with this 20-Minute Work Week feature, which allows advertisers to make changes in paid social and PPC campaigns that are based on user data.

WordStream's other features include dynamic keyword implementation, geo-targeting, conversion tracking, call tracking, landing pages and performance reporting. It also offers AdWords Performance Grader, a free tool that provides users with insight into the performance of their account in comparison with the competing advertisers. PPC keyword list building, Bing Ads Grader and Landing Page Grader are some of the other useful tools in WordStream's arsenal.  Wordstream helps automate your PPC management process.

WordStream home page

WordStream doesn't have features like Brand Safety, Fraud Protection and Frequency Capping. You can create and optimize creatives with WordStream, but not to the level of Smartly. WordStream has contextual targeting which you don't find in Smartly.

Free trial is available on WordStream, and there are a bunch of free to use tools as well. But their current pricing information is undisclosed.

Markopolo AI

Markopolo.ai is an omnichannel marketing solution. Utilizing artificial intelligence, Markopolo has created a true one stop solution for all your marketing needs.

Besides offering curated and strategized marketing blueprints based on actionable insights, Markopolo.ai can create end to end marketing campaigns, provide AI generated smart copies and creatives that boost traction for your ads. Powered with AI, Markopolo can automate every aspect of your social media marketing for you.

Pricing for Markopolo is varied for different versions. Professional version cost $99 a month, team and business versions coming in at $199 and $599 a month. Also for large enterprises there's the enterprise version, which is quote-based. While this seems quite expensive, when you factor in all the services rendered- it becomes quite reasonable since you are getting all of your digital marketing needs covered in one place. To learn more about Markopolo’s pricing plans, click here.

Putting up and managing standout ads in the saturated field of digital marketing is no easy task, and automation is what you need to pull it off. These 3 alternatives to Smartly.io are some of the bests out there, and hopefully analyzing their pros and cons will help you find the one that suits you the best. Or at the very least, serve as a starting point to finding the optimal solution for you.

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